• End of Southeast Asian U-19 championship: U-19 Viet Nam ranks the second
    11:32 | 23/09/2013

    After Drawing in 120 minutes, U-19 Viet Nam accepted 6-7 defeat against U-19 Indonesia and claimed the silver medals. 

    Nỗi buồn thua trận của U19 Việt Nam

    U 19 Viet Nam’s sadness

    Being strong against pressure from tens of thousands Indonesian audiences on stands, the white created many sharp attacks toward U-19 Indonesia. Unfortunately, Coach Grachen’s men could not realise those opportunities into real goals. However, with nice short pass Viet Nam received applauses from stands.

    In 28th minute, Cong Phuong cut the ball to Thanh Tung, however his shoot found the goal keeper Mundiato’s position. 10 minutes later, Cong Phuong consecutively scored twice but there was no goal for Viet Nam. Entering the second half, U 19 Viet Nam’s soft playing style suffered many aggressive fights for ball. As statistics, there are 5 players of  U-19 Viet Nam had to leave the pitch in the second half.

    U-19 Indonesian aggressive playing style adding with problems of physics caused Viet Nam players continuously in the situation of playing with less player than opponent which because of collisions. The point is that, the Thai referee didn’t whistle U-19 Indonesia.

    Drawing after 90 official minutes and 30 minutes of extra time, at the penalty shoot out, U-19 Indonesia defeated Viet Nam 7-6 to claim the champion title. Though Viet Nam leaded opponents 2-1, Viet Nam’s psychology was so weak. Nevertheless, what the young players had showed off this year, Viet Nam football fans can hope for a bright future of Viet Nam football. In the remained game for 3rd ranking, Timor Leste won 4-2 over Laos. Beside the silver medals, Viet Nam received fair-play award.

    U19 Việt Nam buồn

    U 19 Viet Nam’s sadness

    Trao giải thưởng Fair play cho U19 Việt Nam

    Awarding Fair play title for U19 Viet Nam

    The Final result of U19  AFF 2013

    Championships: Indonesia

    The second: Viet Nam

    The Third: Timor Leste

    Dinh Vien

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