• Game to subscribe fund for female wrestler athlete Le Thi Hue: Connect feelings to love
    16:55 | 27/07/2013

    The friendly match between Sai Gon businessmen club football team and Ho Chi Minh City female’s football team has ended with 2-1 score for the girls of HCMC. The game has also connected feelings of more than 1000 audiences at Tao Dan pitch. 

    Giao lưu bóng đá ủng hộ chương trình gây quỹ từ thiện

    Friendly match to subscribe charity fund

    It’s probably that, many audiences at the stadiums spent times with passion for football, however among them there were people who watch the game because of their loving and share for female wrestler Le Thi Hue. This Thanh Hoa girl’s efforts touch their heart when she revived from unconsciousness.

    The game between Sai Gon businessmen club football team and Ho Chi Minh City female’s football team has a special meaning. “Actually, Athletes have difficult lives, only a few of us is famous, but if we get injury it’s long suffering till the end of life.” an athletic shared her opinion.

    Đội trưởng hai đội trao cờ lưu niệm

    Two captains

    It’s a pity for Hue when she couldn’t witness the love from supporters, however she will always appreciate this from the bottom of her heart. 150 million VND from subscribing cannot compensate for her pain, hurt within 10 years, however her family will partly get over ahead difficulties.

    Nhà báo Minh Hùng ủng hộ chương trình gây quỹ từ thiện

    reporter Minh Hung gave his support

    List names of sponsors in the evening of July 26th:

    Sai Gon businessmen club football team : 20 million, Viet Phap company 10 million, Ho Chi Minh Football federation 5 million, Nhat Que flowers shop, Ho Chi Minh female’s football team 10 million, Son Kim ( jockey) company 5 million, Press Corner Coffee 5 million,..

    Dinh Vien

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