• Japanese expert to head Vietnam's organization board of V-League
    15:01 | 02/01/2014

    Mr. Tanaka Koji who has devoted to Japan’s football from its beginning till now a developed country of football was invited to manage head of Vietnam’s organization board of V-League 2014 by VPF. Therefore, he is expected to arrive Viet Nam on January 9th. 

    Ông Phạm Ngọc Viễn tạm thời nguyên trưởng ban tổ chức giải

    Mr Pham Ngoc Vien when managed acting chief organizer of V-League 2014

    Mr. Tanaka Koji ( born in 1955) is a former defensive midfielder of Japanese national football team from 1982 to 1984. He once faced with Diego Maradona in a friendly match against Argentina’s Boca Juniors club.

    In 1989, he coach many Japanese clubs after having hanged boots. Mr.Koji gots successes when leading youth, he had experiences in managing director of a Japanese Club.

    J-League’s president Kazumi Ohigashi and general director Yukio Nakano nominated Mr Koji to help Viet nam’s football in general and VPF in detail to organize, manage professional football Leagues.

    On January 10th, Mr. Koji will work with VPF’s president Vo Quoc Thang in Ho Chi Minh City to negotiate final clauses. On january 11th, he will attend the meeting of main supporters for V-League 2014. In the evening of the same day, mr. Koji will watch the first game of 2014 season between Dong Nai and V-Ninh Binh.

    Because Vietnam’s football and Japan’s one has some difference, Mr. Tanaka Koji will certainly meet difficulties. Therefore, president Vo Quoc Thang and VPF staff are trying to help Mr. Koji to understand Vietnam’s football quickly.

    Background of Tanaka Koji:

    1978 – 1988: Nippon Kokan

    1989 – 1992: Coach Nippon Kokan

    1993 – 1995: Coach U-18/U-19/U-20 Japan

    1995 – 1999: Coach Nagoya Grampus Eight

    2001 – 2002: Coach Shonan Bellmare

    2003 – 2005: Managing director Veglta Sendai

    Truc Phuong

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