• New HV-An Giang a patched up team to V-League
    09:15 | 20/09/2013

    There is no support for the first time play at V-League as rumour , Coach Nhan Thien Nhan said that the expenditure for this team in next season is not much more than it for the first division, An Giang still plays in poor condition. 

    Thưởng đội bóng lên hạng

    Rewarding for promotion

    As many season before, HV-An Giang do not have many expenditure, therefore they only sign with player per season. That’s the reson why after each season, Coach Nhan Thien Nhan always become ” proletarian” and he spent time to build up almost the whole team. HV-An Giang is promoted to V-League, there is only 6 contracts with players however those are unexperienced in V-League. Mr Nhan one more time have to rebuild squad again to play in V-League.

    According to the supporting contract with Hung Vuong cooperation, team will receive 48% from provincial budget and 52% left from Hung Vuong. However, managing board said that, they only receive 15 billion VND from provincial budget àn 16 billion from Hung Vuong and 31 billion in total for a season. It’s far different from the number 40-45 billion as media news had posed.

    With this amount of money, HV-An Giang will spend for changing nearly total squad and expenditure for the whole season, it will be difficult. Mr Nhan said ” the managers promised to give us more money, however we presently accept this amount.” K.Kien Giang in expected will be gathered on september 11th and continue choose players. ” Meeting difficulties in finance caused HV An Giang look K.Kien Giang to find cheap and good players who are thought to be experienced in V- League. At the present HV-An Giang has signed with striker Felix.

    UBND tỉnh An Giang trao tặng bằng khen

    People Committee An Giang Province rewarded certificates

    About the rumour HV-An Giang’s unpaid wages, Coach Thien Nhan seemed quite angry with this: ” HV-An Giang may be not rich as others, however we always pay on time. After the last match and before saying goodbye, all players are paid. I can’t understand why there’s rumour that An Giang unpaid for many months. Besides that, the reward of 1 billion, we can’t not receive now because it;s has just end of season. Managing board has paid all wages and rewarded more 500 million VND for player in the ending ceremony. ”

    Truc Phuong

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