• Press conference to announce action plans in 2013 of Ho Chi Minh City Football Federation
    01:48 | 28/04/2013

    In the morning of 3-1-2013, Ho Chi Minh City Football Federation (HFF) showed a new countenance by celebrating a press conference to announce their action plans in 2013.

    In the conference, HFF specifically proclaimed the Federation’s action plan, leagues, tournaments and objectives for its developing orientation. Beside, as the new year had just come, the conference was also a chance for the Executive Committee of the Federation to meet the press and the City’s leaders in order to listen and acquire ideas from specialists, journalists and supporters. Through that, the Federation has proposals to senior leaders to develop positively and effectively, suitable with the common problems of the country’s football.

    In the opening speech, Mr.Tran Anh Tu – President of HFF stated current difficulties of the Federation.

    He said: “…It is true that we are facing with many problems. They are finacial problem as there is no sponsor in the true sense; difficulty about the quality and quantity of “commodity” sold to sponsors as they have been dealt following asking and offering type. Sport marketing strategy is still weak as business in sport is still not mastered. Another difficulty is that we have not had activities to connect and cause effects on supporters, organizations and sponsors”.

    From the above difficulties, Mr.Tran Anh Tu also spoke out some solutions to improve.

    He continued: “To deal with the above problems, our Executive Committee decided to rebuild solidly step by step and progressively develop school football and community football in the city. Those are the first parts which form unshakable foundation for the City’s football. And on this foundation, talents will be uncovered and raised up, creating a source for professional football. Simultaneously, the Federation’s apparatus will be run towards an active way, suitable for football events to become attractive place to supporters and sponsors.”

    Besides, HFF had also upgraded its website and officially introduced it to the public to transmit football news and information to enthusiasts. That is a new and important step of HFF during the passing time.

    Just within a short period of time (from 9-2012 until now), many activities of the City’s football have been successfully organized such as: HCMC Futsal Talented Students Contest, International Futsal Tournament, High School Futsal Tournament, HCMC Division A, HCMC Veterans Tournament, Women’s Futsal Open Tournament, Secondary School Futsal Tournament, etc. Generally, activities of HFF this term have been continuously celebrated, including amateur and professional tournaments. Although there were still some shortcoming, it showed a positive performance for the common objective of HCMC football in the new term: Football for tomorrow.

    Along with solutions to surmount weaknesses bequeathed  from the previous term as well as to recover the development of the City’s football, this term Executive Committee also carried out many other activities. For instance, through Saigon Giai Phong Newspaper and HCMC Sports Newspaper, HFF has opened a forum called “You say, we listen” in order to convey HFF’s orientations and messages.


    1.    Objective: acquiring opinions, expectation as well as suggestions of supporters about the present situation of the City’s football so that the Federation can give out solutions to make the City’s football more professional, powerful and full of humanity.

    2.   Outcome: organizers received many mails and phone calls from supporters. And this was the foundation for HFF to build up action plans in 2013.


    1.    Mission: We will develop football for community’s health, fitness and spiritual life; attempt to turn Ho Chi Minh City Football Federation into a professional organization as in response of football enthusiasts.

    2.   Vision

    – Through football, Ho Chi Minh City Football Federation will bring the fans happiness, joyfulness and inspiration.

    – By means of football, we will transmit humanistic messages in order to attain a better life.

    – We always give prominence to high-mindedness with football, strengthen solidarity and cooperation with domestic and foreign individuals and organizations.

    3. Engagement

    1. Developing football methodically and professionally basing on a solid football model:

    – Encouraging and training with basic foundations to improve school’s football and casual football. This is the grassroots to develop Ho Chi Minh City’s pinnacle football.

    – Consolidating and enhancing coaches and referees training.

    – Providing best facilitation, technical support and seeking social resources in order to join together to build up and develop professional football imbrued with Ho Chi Minh City’s character.

    2. Strengthening effectively commercial rights business and exploitation of the city’s football to ensure the Federation’s technical activities and external affairs.

    And the highlight of HFF this term is the COMMUNICATION AND MARKETING PLAN 2013 as follow:


    –    Strengthening communication activities towards connecting with supporters and social organizations.

    –    Building up information system about leagues, tournaments, pitches, players, supporters. Thereby forms packages of products to sell out for sponsors.

    –    Diversifying and standardizing coordinating activities domestic and foreign organizations, creating interaction in communication and marketing activities.


    Content and significance

    –    This is a community project which takes advantage of football to convey significant messages, reaching a better life.

    –    This program will be the core of all HFF activities, creating links in communication and marketing activities.

    –    It is completely possible to say that after the annual conference and the consolidation in leadership, with the appearance of the new president Tran Anh Tu, Ho Chi Minh City’s football has had strong moves, especially in futsal and school football which have been popularly celebrated following the president’s objective.




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