• Round 9 of HCMC Futsal Tournament: Hai Phuong Nam keeps sublimating
    11:24 | 14/06/2013

    In round 8 of 2013 HCMC Futsal tournament, Hai Phuong Nam had an excellent win 5-3 over the candidate for champion-Thai Son Nam-dist.8. Moreover, in this round, Hai Phuong Nam continued  their sublimated games when beating Metasol 6-0.

    Đội bóng Tân Hiệp Hưng có những tiến bộ trong các năm gần đây

    Tan Hiep Hung has had development in recent years

    Thai Son Nam-dist.8 had retaken its form after a sudden 3-5 fail against Hai Phuong Nam in last round. Despite facing with many troubles in human because many pillars had been called for Viet Nam national Futsal team who are training in Italy. However, Thai Son Nam-dist.8 also had an easy 4-1 win over familiar opponent Tan Hiep Hung. Anna team who has unstable form and depends much on individuals  isn’t high evaluated this year. in the second leg of round 8, Anna excellently beat Metasol 2-1. However, in round 9, Anna lost itself against a strong opponent and Anna was beaten 1-2.

    Holding the second position on the standing table, Hai Phuong Nam evaluated opponents exactly before game, therefore they entered confidently and played hard to gain 2 consecutive games in the second leg. Hai Phuong Nam performed not only surprising 5-3 win over Thai Son Nam-dist.8 but also a sublimated game with 6 goals for against Metasol. Hai Phuong Nam was that the team put pressure under the no.1 of standing table Thai Son Nam-dist.8.

    After being defeated 5-1 in round 8, Networld keept performing as if they were pushover this year. In round 9, in spite of competing with a not too much opponent Sai Gon FC, Netwold dissapointedly lost 4-1

    Dình Vien

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