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Officer of Lyon FC (France) to visit Thai Son Nam gymnasium

On April 26th, the presentatives from Lyon FC and Vietnam’s Thai Son Nam futsal club have had a meeting.
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Đại diện phía Lyon (Pháp) đến thăm làm việc với CLB Thái Sơn Nam

Mr Jean Francois Vullez – Public relation executive and Manager of Futsal school, Mr  Julien Ngri – technical director, head coach of young team in Thai sơn Nam gymnasium – district 8 ho Chi minh city have met representatives of  Thai Son Nam Futsal club to work for a developing plan.
Lyon showed their opinion to develop both football and futsal of Vietnam.

According to Mr Jean Francois Vullez  from Lyon FC, Thai Son Nam club has a good quality of facility however they wanted to help to develop more in the future. They also thought that Thai Son Nam players should learn to apply their cleverness.

Mr Ngo Le Bang show his opinion that this is oppotunity for Vietnam to gain more success in the future after having received support from Lyon.