• Thai Son Nam- Dural Warriors (Australia) 6-2
    09:05 | 12/04/2013

    Thai Son Nam faced with a serious rival in first battle. Representative from Australia- Dural Warriors was expected to win group B’s first ticket through semifinals.

    Thai Son Nam (Viet Nam)

    Though Australian team created more difficult situation toward Thai Son Nam from the beginning, Coach Sergio’s men had obeyed directions from coaching bench therefore Thai Son Nam’s net was kept away from any through. In10th minute, Vietnam players hold a swift counterattack toward Australian men, It’s a pity Thanh Dat (7- TSN) missed this obvious opportunity when alone facing with the goal. From that hitting post, the game was balanced, many opportunities to retaliate each other constantly was dramatically created by both. Surprisingly in 12th minute, receiving the ball from teammate, Kotaro Inaba (7 – TSN) broke through to score an open1-0. Thereupon, James Brunacci (13 – Australia) equalized 1-1 for Australia. When time closed to the end of first half , Trong Luan received ball from a middle field combination, passed defenders and then finished perfectly to Australian goalkeeper Nicholas Starr’ net, a 2-1 score for Vietnam.

    Thai Son Nam players are happy with their win
    Kotaro Inaba (Thai Son Nam) contributed to the win by his goal.

    Entering the second half, Thai Son Nam missed two obvious opportunities. In 31st minute, Kotaro Inaba (7 – TSN) unexpectedly brought Thai Son Nam to 3-1leading. Then, Australian’s 2-3 shortened score resulted from Australian training board’s decision to apply 5 players tactic (Power Player). Australian team continued start attack, however Thanh Dat, Trong Luan respectively scored 3 goals for Thai Son Nam in 38th, 39th and 40th minute. The game ended with 6-2 for Vietnam. Thai Lan belonged to group A had also won 7-5 over Tainan City (Taiwan) easily.

    2-Cac-cau-thu-Thai-Son-Nam-mung-gianh-chien-thang 5-Thanh-Dat-Thai-Son-Nam-phai-ghi-ban-thang
    Thanh Dat- Thai Son Nam ( right) scored a goal

    Minh Tu

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