• Tycoon Đức has agreed but HCMC FC still have to solve 4 problems in Công Phượng deal
    20:52 | 21/12/2019

    HCMC FC have reached a consensus with HAGL chairman Mr.Đoàn Nguyên Đức, however, they still have to confront other problems in Công Phương deal.


    1.Transfer fee from Sint-Truiden

    The first difficulty is about finance so that HCMC FC can persuade Sint-Truiden to let Công Phượng be back to Vietnam. According to updated information, the biggest problem in the terms of the negotiation is the transfer fee, and the hosts of Thống Nhất stadium will have to spend a not small amount of money.

    HCMC FC will have to spend much to possess Công Phượng

    The runners-up of V-League 2019 will surely make their own consideration although their budget is among the largest ones in Vietnam. After big contracts such as Xuân Nam, Tiến Dũng, Huy Toàn, etc, the Công Phượng deal must be surely considered.

    2. Making Công Phượng loan until the end of the season

    Tycoon Đức himself confirmed: “According to the contract between Công Phượng and Sint-Truiden club, HCMC will possess Công Phượng in half a year if they repurchase the contract. About loaning Công Phượng in one year, they will have to negotiate the remaining half a year with us. And that cannot be predicted…”

    And if HCMC FC want to have the service of CP10 until the end of the season, Chairman Nguyễn Hữu Thắng and HCMC FC board of leaders have to had a private discussion with tycoon Đức as well as HAGL. This is also a noticeable problem.

    3. Can Công Phượng play in matches against HAGL?

    This term is very important either because if Công Phượng arrives at HCMC GC, he will surely confront HAGL in the first stage of V-League 2020. In order to avoid worthless disputes, HCMC FC will have talks with the mountainous football club for sure.

    If playing for HCMC FC, can Công Phượng appear in their formation against HAGL

    Fans may still remember a similar case of Thibaut Courtois in the 2 legs of Champions League semi-final round 2013/2014 season between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid. The Belgian goalkeeper at that time was playing for the Madrid’s football club under a loan from Chelsea, and the board of leaders of The Blues were very precise as they gave out a term in the use of Courtois in case the two clubs face each other. The football club from London covenanted that Atletico must pay them 3 million euros if they wanted Courtois to play or the Belgian goalkeeper would not play.

    4. The performance of CP10

    At present, the performance of Công Phượng is one of noticeable issues. He has spent 14 games on bench at Sint-Truiden and there has been no optimistic sign every time he plays for Vietnam national team.

    For those reasons, the “rescue” for Công Phượng either brings HCMC risks and they need considerations from coach Chung Hae-soung.

    Source – bongda.com.vn

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