• U-19 Viet Nam face with U-19 Indonesia in the final game
    15:45 | 21/09/2013

    Beating Laos 1-0 by Cong Phuong’s goal, U-19 Viet Nam won ticket to the final game against the host U-19 Indonesia. 

    Đội U19 Việt Nam

    U-19 Viet Nam

    Despite being higher examined than opponent, U-19 Viet Nam could not play as they wanted. Viet Nam showed more skillfully in copprating as well as controlling the ball. However, Laos’ close followed playing style caused Viet Nam meet difficulties in approaching opponents’ goal. Thanh Tung, Cong Phuong and Anh Tuan in turn missed many clear chances to take Viet Nam into the lead. Especially, in most time of the first half and the beginning of the second half, two core strikers of Viet Nam had been followed closely. Coach Grachen therefore decided to change a little in line-up, the game became total in control of Viet Nam. After missing many opportunities of Duc Huy, Lam Ti Phong, Dong Trieu. Finally, what will be will be, in 75th minute, from a pass of teamates. Cong Phuong broke through to pass 3 players and opened 1-0 for Viet Nam.

    Công Phượng ăn mừng

    Cong Phuong is cheerful his goal

    Niềm vui của U19 Việt Nam

    U-19 Viet Nam’s happiness

    Though U-19 Laos had tried their best in the remained time of game, they couldn’t equalise the game. In contrast, U-19 Viet Nam had doubled, unluckily, Lam Ti Phong were offside. After1-0 win over Laos Coach Grachen will re-face U-19 Indonesia in the final game. Because in the remained semi final game, U-19 Timor Leste was beaten 2-0 by U-19 Indonesia.

    Dinh Vien

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