• V.League’s round 1 overview: Impression and surprise from the familiars
    15:21 | 28/02/2019

    V.League 2019 has been kicked off. There were returns of players after long-term injuries, there were impressive debuts, and there were happiness and worries as well.


    Reappearance of national team players

    Round 1 of V.League 2019 witnessed the return of many national team players, especially midfielder Nguyễn Tuấn Anh of HAGL FC. Before the game, the player had no statement about his return despite of his role as HAGL captain. He just said: “I will try on the return and hope to get good luck”.

    Actually, Tuấn Anh just completed his role after 84 minutes on the pitch, but the appearance of this new captain was a big motivation for his teammates, which led to the 4-1 win over Sanna Khánh Hòa – a surprising result of round 1.

    Besides, national team member Ngọc Thịnh also had an impressive reappearance at HCMC FC after a long time with knee ligament injury. He was one of the worth-trusting defenders as he stopped almost all attacks of Hai Phong, before HCMC FC gained 3 points in the extra time.

    However, the most impressive return just belonged to goalkeeper Trần Nguyên Mạnh of Sông Lam Nghệ An. Being absent in the whole 2018 season due to his broken arm, Nguyên Mạnh surprised the fans in Nghệ An through his great performance in the match against Quảng Nam FC.

    Young national team player Phạm Xuân Mạnh, who was sitting on stand, complimented: “Today Nguyên Mạnh played too excellently. Looking at him jumping as spiderman, I felt Mạnh had not had been absent for injury. He is the motivation for me to train and recover to be back as soon as possible”.

    Contrariwise feelings

    Having just introduced new sponsor and changed the name to Dược Nam Hà Nam Định FC, the host caused a surprise with the 3-1 win over Saigon FC. Especially, experienced goalkeeper Đinh Xuân Việt had a very impressive debut in the first game of V.League 2019 under the new team.

    Remember that at the end of 2018 season when the contract with HCMC FC was expired, Xuân Việt suddenly claimed to leave football because of his old age. But then coach Nguyễn Văn Sỹ invited him to the football club of Nam Định in 2019 season and the 36-year-old goalkeeper did not make the coach disappointed, at least after the first game of the new season.

    Xuân Việt revealed: “2019 season is just at the beginning and difficulties are still waiting ahead. This is because DNH Nam Định have a young and weak formation, and we have to continuously make the best efforts in the next matches.

    The new element of V.League this season Viettel also had their first game with Quế Học Hải and Vũ Minh Tuấn as highlights. However, in contrast with the positive sign of Xuân Việt and DNH Nam Định, Quế Ngọc Hải caused a big shock as he got the first red card of the season. This is the turning point making Viettel be defeated 1-3 away by a higher-evaluated team.

    The first round of V.League 2019 has passed through and there are still many surprises waiting in the next rounds.

    V.League 2019 round 1 results
    Thanh Hóa 1-1 Bình Dương
    SLNA 2-0 Quảng Nam
    Khánh Hòa 1-4 HAGL
    Hà Nội 5-0 Than Quảng Ninh
    Nam Định 3-1 Sài Gòn
    Đà Nẵng 3-1 Viettel

    TP.HCM 1-0 Hải Phòng

    V.League 2019 round 2 fixture

    Ngày 1/3, 17h00: Hải Phòng vs Nam Định
    Ngày 1/3, 17h00: HAGL vs TPHCM
    Ngày 1/3, 18h00: Sài Gòn vs Khánh Hòa
    Ngày 1/3, 19h00: Viettel vs Thanh Hóa
    Ngày 2/3 17h00: Quảng Ninh vs SLNA
    Ngày 2/3, 17h00: Quảng Nam vs Hà Nội
    Ngày 3/3, 17h00: Bình Dương vs Đà Nẵng
    Source – bongdaplus.vn
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