• VAR is not a saver of referees’ professionalism
    21:08 | 08/11/2019

    The application of VAR in V-League at present is still being a hard problem for the league’s execution unit – VPF.

    Mr.Trần Anh Tú talked frankly and actually about referee issue in V-League

    According to initial plan, VAR (Video Assistant Referee) would be applied in V-League from 2019 season. However, too many difficulties had been arising since FIFA delegation came to Vietnam for exploration such as facilities, VAR operation’s human resources including video referees as well as the ones on pitch.

    “First, we need to talk about referees’ qualification. In the most recent time when the match between Viettel and B.Bình Dương took place, the event that the main referee reversed his decision was so regretful. VPF and VFF agreed that the referee had no ideological and moral problem, and it might be the high pressure that pushed him to reverse”, shared VPF’s General Manager Trần Anh Tu.

    Mr.Tú continued: “FIFA has had worked with VPF, and the application of VAR must obey procedures stipulated by FIFA, but they also require not to reveal the time for VAR application to the media. The are so many problems to implement VAR technology in Vietnam, and if I violate what they advice, it will be not good.

    Finally, the futsal tycoon asserted: “In many cases, referee’s decisions had influence to result of the games in this season. VFF has had working sessions with the Referee Committee. The first issue discussed was righteousness, and the next thing was referees’ quality improvement. VAR is just an assistance, it is not a saver for the referees’ professional qualification”.

    So, it is clearly that applying VAR in Vietnam’s football is not a simple issue. Right in the world’s leading league like the Premier League, VAR still causes a lot of arguments. The nature of VAR is that it is created by humans, and its success depends much on its direct operators who are referees.

    Source – thethaohcm.vn

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