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Male futsal team leave for 2016 South east asia futsal club championship

In the morning of July 7th, Thai Son Nam futsal team has flied from Ho Chi Minh City to Nay Piy Taw (Myanmar) in order to play in  2016 South east asia futsal club championship. Standing at the third position in Asia, Thai Son Nam set their goal to be the winner of this championship. 

CLB Thái Sơn Nam

Thai Son Nam futsal club

Thai Son Nam will play with  Thaiport FC (Thailand), Black Steel (Indonesia), MIC FC (Myanmar) and Lanexang United (Laos). All teams will play in round and the two better ones of group will play in the final round.
In the first game of Thai Son Nam will face Lanexang United (Laos) on 10-6. The members of Thai Son Nam team are pillars in national Futsal team as Van Vu, Long Vu, Bao Quan,..

Spanish head coach Bruno Garcia have two more foreign players:  Saul Campana and Artur Yunusov. Phung Trong Luan who had scored the penalty shoot help Vietnam get in World cup futsal 2016 has absent from this tournament because of injury.

The female team will also join in South east asia futsal club championship  in Nay Piy Taw (Myanmar). Girls will have their first match one day after the male’s match.