• Video: the first day of Festival School Football 2016-2017
    21:41 | 31/03/2017
    In March 31st, Ho Chi Minh City Festival School football has been taken place at Tao Dan pitch. This is an occasion for the young talents to exchanges and make friend together. There...
  • 17:48 | 05/02/2014
  • Defending techniques
    14:59 | 11/05/2013
    Defending ability is a key to success in football. Intercepting Step 1: Step 2   Step 3   Scrambling Step 1   Step 2     Step...
  • Self-studying football handbook
    14:48 | 11/05/2013
    You can find more information and football techniques when download this handbook. DOWNLOAD  FULL EBOOK: HTTP://WWW.MEDIAFIRE.COM/?IZ4G6CJ4RDU3HL4 Pass unrar (if required): thuviendientu.org According...
  • 14:42 | 11/05/2013
    Passing through your rivals will cause much surprise and you will have more chance to approach opponent's goal. Let's see how to pass over your rivals.
  • 14:41 | 11/05/2013
    Curved balls usually make nice orbit of the ball and also cause much troubles to goalkeepers. Let's see how to make it !
  • 14:27 | 11/05/2013
    Powerful shots from out side of the penalty area are always goalkeepers' fear. So how to shoot with maximum power. Let's see it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-pvta6Hvk8
  • Dribbling
    14:16 | 11/05/2013
    Dribbling is one of the most important soccer skills you need to master. Simply, if you don't know how to dribble your opponents you will not know how to play soccer. How to move...
  • Diet for players
    13:42 | 11/05/2013
    Eating the wrong thing can affect your performance quite dramatically. Make sure you consume carbohydrate-rich meals two to three days prior to upcoming matches
Portrait of famous people
  • Coach Le Huynh Duc
    Le Huynh Duc  is former captain of Vietnamese national Football team. He is currently coaching SHB Ðà Nẵng.
  • Sir Alex Ferguson
    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is to retire at the end of the season.
  • Striker Le Cong Vinh
    Striker Le Cong Vinh is playing for SLNA
  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi became the best scorer in a year with 91 goals in 2012.
  • Milo
  • Thai Son Nam Trading Co.,Ltd
  •  CLB Thai Sơn Nam
  • vff
  • LS-VINA Cable & System
  • Dong Luc Sports JSC
  • Vietnam Export Import Bank (Eximbank)