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Vietnam national Football team leave with goal to gain a ticket’s Olympic Rio 2016

After near two months, Vietnam national football team had practised hard and they left for Japan in order to games which were set goal for a ticket to  Olympic Rio 2016.

Thầy trò HLV Mai Đức Chung tích cực tập luyện

Coach Mai Duc Chung and players practising in yard

In preparation of this third qualifying round of Olympic Rio 2016, Coach Mai Duc Chung had spent two hard practised months with female players. within this time, Vietnam female players had also played friendly match with Chinese teams. 

In the second one, Vietnam players had had an impressive performance. When they won 1-0 over Taiwan, 4-2 over Myanmar , 2-1 over Jordan and  2-0 over Thailand to gain 12 points.  

On February 2nd, Coach Mai Duc Chung has anounced 20 official players for japanese trip. Among them were good players as: Tuyet Dung, Minh NGuyet, Kieu Trinh, Huynh Nhu, Nguyen Thi Hoa, chuong thi kieu…

Vietnam will play agaisnt Japan, North korea, Australia, South Korea, China. And their first game will be on February 29th faced China. The following games will be on March 2nd ( Australia), March 4th (North Korea), March 7th (Japan) and March 9th ( South Korea). The Two better ones of group will win ticket to Olympic Rio 2016