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Vietnam national futsal team – Burela futsal club 3-2

On September 23rd, Vietnam national futsal team has a friendly match against Burela club within their training trip. Burela is standing in top 8 of Spain national tournament. In 2014 Vietnam also won 2-1 over Burela while they were playing at second division tournament. This time, Vietnam players Van Vu and Ngoc Son had scored 3 excellent goals toward their nest and win over them. The tickets of this game is sent for volunteer foundation of city.

Hai đội chụp hình lưu niệm trước trận đấu

Taking photo before game

In the first half, Van Vu opened for Vietnam in 18th minute. He also doubled score to 2-0 in 32th minute with an excellent shot from the middle of yard. Ngoc Son, the young player of team has raised score to 3-1 in 38th minute.

Trận đấu diễn ra kịch tính và hấp dẫn

Excitingly and thrilling

Ngọc Sơn vui mừng khi ghi bàn thắng

Ngoc Son cheered up his goal

Burela has two goals in 36th minute and 40th minute, The final score is 3-2, however vietnam players had missed many chances. This problem needed to be improved before starting the new championships.
Vietnam will play against Vilalba club who is playing at the third division of spain in september 26th at 19h00 ( local time). Before this, Vietnam will have visited the mayor of Vialba and a meeting with children and fans at Vilalba stadium.

Anh Tu