• Boss Doan Nguyen Duc is afraid of his men will be depraved by compliments
    17:50 | 18/09/2013

    Supporters and communication media means are very pleased with the u-19 Viet Nam’s performance at ASEAN Football championships  which own many pillars from Hoang Anh Gia Lai JMG Arsenal. However, boss Doan Nguyen Duc of Hoang Anh Gia Lai worries that his stars would be depraved when receiving many compliments. 

    Đoàn Nguyên Đức dù rất vui nhưng cũng lo cho các em dễ hư vì truyền thông

    In spite of being happy, Mr Doan Nguyen Duc also worries of mass media

    Though U-19 Viet Nam fell into a tough group, Viet Nam have gradually passed strong opponents as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar to win the ticket to the semi finals. U19 Viet Nam played stately with sharp attack and accurate pass. Football fans showed their excitement with this young generation of players in most of website, moreover, many of them wish U19 to play at SEA Games in the end of this year.

    Nevertheless, boss Duc is always vigilant: ” It’s very happy when witness their victories however, I would like to ask media means not to praise up them much, It would be better to let them play naturally.” Before that, Being very pleased with young talents, boss Duc want to give them a “hot” reward but he had rethought and let his players in comfortableness, and all players should try their best then they would receive deserved reward.

    It’s understandable that mr Duc seems to be quite sensitive with this because there was a star who received many support from mr Duc however, he attains not much achievement, then that player left him. At that time boss Duc was so angry with him that he show his disappointment before media.

    This is not a strange event in football of Viet Nam, especially Dong Thap club hide talents in order that there is no young players being called to the national team. The reason is that, the transformation from a poor team to a professional team always causes players losing equilibrium then being spoiled. For example they think they are on top and harass to  change club. 

    According to specialists of Viet Nam football, with a football environment as Viet Nam it’s normal when these situations happens. The young players mean they don’t have many experiment in life and easy to be fall. Therefore, many supporters show their agreement with HA GL JMG Arsenal club which is isolated with outside football environment and emphasizing in teaching knowledge and culture.

    Viet Nam football had many talent generations before however most of them could not control themselves from seducement, finally they were eliminated. It’s obvious that, U-19 Viet Nam has gained success but we should keep trying harder.

    Truc Phuong

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