• Goalkeeping
    19:51 | 10/05/2013

    The goalkeeper’s main objective is to prevent goals. He does that by either clearing or catching the ball.

    The general method used for settling rising shots (or shots above shoulder level) is known as The W. The name comes from the positioning of the keeper’s hands. The index finger and thumb on both of his hands are locked at about 45 degrees. His hands are put next to each other, forming the letter W. Ideally, the index fingers should not be perpendicular but pointing slightly inward.

    Balls directed below shoulder level (or dropping balls) are handled by cushioning it from below. Similarly to handling a baby, the keeper must cushion the ball from underneath, pressing it against his chest.

    Different methods of handling the ball

    Rolling ball pickup



    The safest way to gather a rolling ball is to get down on one knee and scoop it up with your hands. To ensure that the ball has no chance of going through your legs, you must plant your other foot near the grounded knee. From this position, you can easily cradle the ball to your chest. As you lock the ball against your chest, lean forward to protect it.

    Grounding the ball


    Raise the knee of your opposite foot (the one further away from the ball) and leap sideways, off your other foot. When handling the ball, have your nearer arm parallel to the ground with fingers and thumb forming the bottom part of the W. Your other hand should be used for guiding the ball down.

    Diving for air shots



    This is one of the more spectacular techniques used in goalkeeping. In terms of execution, it encompasses a scissors-like movement, similar to a bicycle kick. First, raise the knee of your leg which is further away from the ball. Then, take off from your other foot which should be nearer to the ball. As you’re flying, accelerate the knee of your leaping foot while extending the other. When you catch the ball, get your hands on top of it and use it as a landing cushion. The ball should touch the floor before the rest of your body. Contrary to intuition, you should not land the dive on your side.




    On high crosses and steeply falling balls, you must be the first person to contact the ball. Take off from one leg with the knee of the other raised as high as you can. This will give you protection against enemies (and even teammates) that can potentially collide with you. Immediately after you grip the ball, bring it to your chest and lean over it.

    According to Expert Football

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