• Opening the training course belongs to " Premier skills" project
    15:27 | 05/06/2013

     In the June 5th 2013, a training course that was co-hold by HFF and British Council named   “Premier Skills” was officially started at headquater of Ho Chi Minh City Football Ferderation (HFF). There were Attending and giving speech at the ceremony of HFF president- Mr.Tran Tu Anh , Project manager- Bui Thi My Trang and HFF office manager Nguyen Duy Thin. 

    B+á B+¦i Mß+¦ Trang ph+ít biß+âu tߦíi Lß+à khai mߦíc

    Ms. Bui My Trang- project manager of ” premier skills” was giving speech in the opening ceremony.

    The course lasted 2 days June 5th and 6th with attendance of lecturers from “premier skills” project and 50 coaches, football teachers from sports centers through all districts in HCMC. Mr Tran Anh Tu asserted that ” this course is for a good entertainment environment for students in summer from which they will be educated  ethics personality and therefore to cut down social evils and negative school environment”. Ms. Bui My Trang said ” this is the first time British Council’s  ” premier skills” project has been cooperate with HFF at Ho Chi Minh City. The training comprised both theories on developing and delivering sport activities at community level as well as practical sessions on the pitch for coaches, lecturers in sports centers throughout all districts of HCMC which aimed to attract   children to community through football.”

    C+íc hß+ìc vi+¬n l+á HLV, giߦúng vi+¬n cß+ºa c+íc Trung t+óm TDTT c+íc quߦ¡n huyß+çn cß+ºa TPHCM

    Coaches and trainees

    After this course, HFF and British Council ‘s  project ” premier skills” together with coaches, instructors at sport centers will hold a football program called ” healthy term”  which will be taken place from June 10th to August 10th 2013 for children from 9 to 16. This course ( 8 weeks)  costs 400 thousand VND per child.

    CT HFF Trߦºn Anh T+¦ ph+ít biß+âu tߦíi Lß+à khai mߦíc

    HFF president was giving speech in the opening ceremony

    The program within 2 week concludes: football skills and English in football. Trainees will be learned in 2 time of a week ( 2 hours for each). Trainees  enroll at sport centers in district 10. The core of this course will teach professional skills in football  in order to seeking young talents.

    Tham dß+¦ lß+¢p c+¦ 50 HLV, giߦúng -榦ß+úc c+íc giߦúng vi+¬n cß+ºa Dß+¦ +ín b+¦ng -æ+í cß+Öng -æß+ông Premier Skills cß+ºa Hß+Öi -æß+ông Anh giߦúng dߦíy

    50 coaches in the class

    The English of football will be taught as premier skills English program by a selected teacher from British Council . This will develop trainees’ vocabulary in a football environment. After 2 months, this program will end with ” summer camp” event so that all children will be able to play football, take part in English gameshow,…

    To+án cߦúnh buß+òi khai mߦíc lß+¢p

    Organizers have set this program so basic that children will be able to have physical as well as spiritual training, building team solidarity, cooperation,..developing their creation through football. This is also a chance to encourage football movements among children, develop english skills and raise public’s awareness of football movements.

    Minh Tu

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