• U-23 Viet Nam prepare for HCMC Challenge Cup: Counter-tactics against Galatasaray
    11:10 | 26/09/2013

    Coach Hoang Van Phuc said that U-23 Galatasaray come from a more developed football country than he would apply suitable tactics against this strong opponent so that Viet Nam players can perform their best in this game

    HLV Hoàng Văn Phúc

    Coach Hoang Van Phuc

    In the evening of September 25th, U-23 Viet Nam have started to train at Thong Nhat stadium in preparing for the game against U-23 Galatasaray. Viet Nam players are still unfamiliar with Vietnam’s weather, therefore our players still get back the best form. ” Players haven’t been back with their best form yet. Many of them get injury. Therefore, in this training day, U-23 Viet Nam mainly focuses on technique. Besides that, the duration for practicing lesson are shorten enough for players.” Coach Hoang Van Phuc said.

    After playing in small group, Coach Phuc divides team into 2 teams for practicing attack and defense. At the end of lessons, two teams compete each others at two third of Thong Nhat stadium.While playing Van Quyet gets injury and leaves out for ice-compressing.

    Answered about Van Quyet’s situation, Mr Phuc said:” He’s just got soft tissue injury, it’s not so serious, however that Quyet has been injuring before getting back Viet Nam we should put in consideration. At the present, I think he isn’t ready for aggressive competition on the pitch, and I don’t think we should take a risk with his present situation.” ” Among injuried footballers, Huy Hung more probably recovers for next two games. Hoang Thinh and Ngoc Hai need more time to recover.” Coach Hoang Van Phuc added.

    About the opponents, Mr Phuc said: ” In my opinion, Though U-23 Galatasaray brings a young squad to Viet Nam, they are at the higher level than Viet Nam football. We practiced hard in tactics and counter-tactics against them so that U-23 Viet Nam have many chances to perform on the pitch.”

    Yesterday evening, U-23 Galatasaray has come Ho Chi Minh City. In this morning ( 26-9), U-23 Viet Nam and U-23 Galatasaray will join in a journalists meeting at Grand hotel. The match between them will happen at 18h00  September 27th at Thong Nhat stadium. The price tickets range from 50.000 to 350.000 VND.

    Truc Phuong

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