• Round 7 of 2015 Ho Chi Minh City Futsal tournament
    10:24 | 30/06/2015

    25th Game : Young Thai Son Nam – Le Bao Minh ( 13h00 28/06/2015)
    Young players of Thai Son Nam attacked their opponents from the very beginning of match. Thanh Huy had chance to give a shot from the center of the pitch however goalkeeper of Le Bao Minh prevent him from being successful.  They also played carefully so that Young Thai Son Nam couldn’t execute their tactics. No goal was scored in first half.

    Entering second one, Young Thai Son Nam’s weak defensing help Le Bao Minh’s Tuan Thanh open game. In 33th minute, Van Hoang doubled for Le Bao Minh. Yong Thai Son Nam decided to use 5 players nevertheless it seemed a wrong decision. Young players couldn’t keep calm so they lost more 5 goals against. Finally, Minh Tri scored one goal for Thai Son Nam and game ended 7-1.

    Young Thai Son Nam – Le Bao Minh: 1-7
    Young Thai Son Nam : Le Minh Tri (4) 38′
    Le Bao Minh : Dinh Tuan Thanh ( 12) 23′; Luu Van Hoang ( 15) 33′; Hoang Nhat Duy ( 11) 34′; Truong Quang Phu (7) 35′; Do Trung Kien ( 10) 36′; Nguyen Tien Duy ( 17) 38′; Le Thanh Hoai ( 18) 40′

    26th Game : Sea Collections – MIE Sai Gon :

    Game was thrilling from the beginning of game. In 2nd minute, MIE’s Duc Minh opened for  MIE Sai Gon. Then they continued putting pressure under Sea Collections.

    MIE had one more goal in 23rd minute and Duc Minh also had one more goal in 24th minute. Sea Collections continued comming back when shortening distance to 2-3 by Ngoc Nguyen’s doubled goals. Ngoc Nguyen also scored two more goals, one was in the last minute of game, then Sea Collections won 4-3 over MIE Sai Gon thrillingly. 

    Sea Collections – MIE Sai Gon : 4 – 3
    Sea Collections : Nguyen Ngoc Nguyen (9) 25′ 32′ 38′ 40′
    MIE Sai Gon : Nguyen Duc Minh (9) 2′ 24′; Nguyen Hong Kong (11) 23′
    27th Game : Luu Phuoc Loc – Futsal.vn : 1 – 10
    Luu Phuoc Loc: Huynh Thanh Huong (10) 9′
    Futsal.vn : Nguyen Nhu Anh Quoc (8) 4′ 27′;Dau Thanh Duy (11) 13′ 17′ 18′ 37′; Nguyen Ngoc Dat (9) 15′; Vong Vinh Thanh (4) 29′; Nguyen Duc Duy (5) 39′; Nguyen Hoang (2) 39′


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