• Vietnam excellently beat world futsal champion Brazil
    11:33 | 23/11/2013

    “The weaker” Viet Nam played more excellently than what people thinks so that Viet Nam shock the giant Brazil by a 3-2 win. 


    In spite of facing a strong Brazil, Viet Nam wasn’t embrass. Coach Sergio’s players played actively and confidently. From the beginning, Thanh Dat and That Phi in turn had shoots toward Brazil.

    Whereas, Brazil was pressed by Viet Nam therefore It’s difficult for them to attack. Most of their shoots were from far distance and all failed to pass Viet Nam goalkeeper. In 7th minute, Viet Nam opened the game. That Phi pass the ball to Trong Luan then Luan comfortably scored a goal.


    Nevertheless Brazil quickly equalized by Araujo’s nice shoot. Viet Nam continued to attack fast and prevent Brazil.

    Enter the second period, Brazil leaded the game after Bueno’s goal which kicked Viet Nam’s defender and caused Phuoc Anh can’t prevent. Though being leaded Viet Nam controlled the game.

    In 29th minute, Van Vu defeated Brazil goalkeeper then Thanh Dat continued with a goal which caused audience in gymnasium bust into happiness.


    Brazil seemed to be hurry, consecutive attacks towards Viet Nam, especially goal keeper Phuoc Anh had a good performance. In the last minutes, Brazil played with 5 players but they failed to equalize. Game ended with Viet Nam’s win.


    Champion: Brazil

    Second position: Nhật Bản

    Third position: Việt Nam

    Best player: Lukaian Baptista (9 – Brazil)

    Some images:

    Cầu thủ xuất sắc

    The best player

    Giải cầu thủ ghi nhiều bàn thắng

    The best Scorers

    Thủ môn xuất sắc

    The best goal keeper

    Việt Nam hạng Ba

    Viet Nam won the 3rd title

    Nhật Bản hạng nhì

    Japan- the second runner-up

    Brazil vô địch

    Brazil champion

    Niềm vui chiến thắng trước Brazil của thầy trò HLV Sergio Việt Nam

    Coach Sergio and players are cheerful with the win


    Truc Phuong

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