• 2013 national women’s champs: Thai Son Bac Cup: appeal of No.1
    09:05 | 18/03/2013

    The No.1 on the standing of 2013 national women’s championship- Thai Son Bac is changed one after another through each round. At the end of 2nd round’s first leg, Phong Phu Ha Nam and Hanoi I co-hold the No. 1 position on the standing. However, on the third round’s first match day, HCMC climbed straight to head with 7 points by a win over host Phong Phu Ha Nam. It’s changed again and at the present No. 1 is belonging to Hanoi I for Capital’s representative has just got 3 points against Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel. 

    Kieu Trinh – the important shield in HCM line-up

    HCMC women made a surprise against host Phong Phu Ha Nam in the first leg of 3rd round of Thai Son Bac cup. They didn’t show a complete domination over opponent but by a close defense combined with strong attack visitors had got three

    points thanks to the unique score from Huynh Nhu in 68th minute which brought HCM straight to No.1 for the first time after 3 rounds.

    Ha Noi I had though about a win over weaker opponent Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel because Thai Nguyen is ranked last after disappointing performance in 2 rounds, with no goal for 9 goal against. However till 62th minute in 2nd half, Hanoi got an opening from Minh Nguyet and Vu Thi Minh determined 2-0 victory for Hanoi I not longer after.

    With three points against Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel, Hanoi I had had three consecutive win.

    9 points after three matches, Hanoi I left Ho Chi Minh City behind and retook No. 1 position on standing. Today-18 Mar competition between present champion Viet Nam Coal & Mineral verse Ha Noi 2 is going to close the 1st leg in third round. Whatever the results will be, those high positions on the standing are remained Because Hanoi I, Ho Chi Minh City and Phong Phu Ha Nam have definitely hold 3 highest positions.



    Minh Tu

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