• 2013 V-League-Round 2 compensation game ( V.Hai Phong vs XT Saigon): A successful comeback against XT Saigon
    17:55 | 15/05/2013

    This compensation game was meaningful to both host and vistitor. V.Hai Phong was in urge for 3 points at Lach Tray in order to grow in momentum for 2013 V-League championship race. In the opposite, Coach Tran Tien Dai and players also need to get rid of their position in the table’s bottom group.

    Coach Hoang Anh Tuan and players cheered their won.

    Coach Hoang Anh Tuan and players cheered their won.

    XT Sai Gon visited Lach Tray host confidently. Without Nsi striker, who has continued to shine in XT Saigon shirt, The Saigon team’s line up especially the offensive was strongly explored. Moreover, Coach Tran Tien Dai and players dominated over V.Hai Phong.Finally, que sera sera, Kizito took advantages from host’s lacunae to give out a shoot that was easily defeat Hai Phong’s goalkeeper Tran Xuan VietXMXT and opened 1-0 for XT Sai gon. Having played confidently and first goal advantage, XT Sai gon created many clear opportunities, however Sai gon’s strikes missed many times.

    Defeating XT Saigon - V. Hai Phong (red) crowned the second position in table.

    Defeating XT Saigon – V. Hai Phong (red) crowned the second position in table.

    Coach Hoang Anh Tuan had reasonable adjustments in play as well as footballers for 45 minutes of the second half. Powerful play style and determination in every leading ball, The red team has put pressure on goalkeeper Tan Truong’s box. Gilberto transferred that initiative into an equalizing goal after a perfect free-kick to bury the ball at the back of the net. Moreover, after that equalizing, Red Flamboyant’s spirit was pushed up so high that Hai Phong’s Huu Phat launched a rocket to score a crucial goal for Hai Phong. In round 7 2013 V-League also set a super score which helped V.Hai Phong win 2-0 over Dong Nai. However, the difference between two is that Hai Phong gained 3 points after this won, also in the past they left Bien Hoa stadium with 1 point.

    3 points over XT Saigon helped V.Hai Phong climb up to the second position on standing table. If Hai Phong can keep their current good form, It will be most likely that they can create surprises in the first leg of 2013 V – League.

    Dinh Vien

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