• Cement Xuan Thanh Sai Gon Club shocked Vietnamese football by refusing to play remaining games in the V-League 2013 season
    11:03 | 22/08/2013

    For disagree with VFF decision to deduct from it four points after round 20 V-league 2013, brothers Thuy were thought that their announcement to leave V-League 2013 just a News circulated for intimidation. However, in the evening of August 21st, manager board of Cement Xuan Thanh Sai Gon club have sent document to Viet Nam Football Federation ( VFF), Viet Nam Professional Footabll ( VPF) and Organizers which insisted that Sai Gon Xuan Thanh club will abandon the league. 

    Anh em nhà Bầu Thủy

    Brothers Thuy

    In fact, Cement Xuan Thanh Sai Gon club had compiled document to abandon V-League already, however it wasn’t sent to VFF. PVF or organizers. According to man from this team, It’s probably that Cement Xuan Thanh Sai Gon club will not continue to play in two remained rounds. However, Coach and players still practise  regularly, Therefore this club is said not to be dismiss. XT Sai Gon club still has a friendly tournament in Uganda. It’s probably that brothers Thuy will keep club taking this tournament in other that the reputy and images of not only Sai Gon Xuan Thanh club but also their business.

    All players have taken regular practice at 4pm at Thanh Long pitch in the afternoon of august 21st. Most players were thought to be fully strained and worried about their future. However, 20 players at Thanh Long pitch seemed quite comfortably and practice hardly.

    Đội XMXT Sài Gòn tập luyện

    Cement Xuan Thanh Club in practising

    Tai Em, Hai Anh, Long Giang and Viet Cuong were absent, Dinh Luat, Phuoc Tu, Kizito, Moses, Nguyen Rogerio, Duc Linh…20 players and manager board mr Liem Thanh, Lu Dinh Tuan still work as regularly and refuse all question from newspaper, media.

    Bầu Thụy và HLV Trần Tiến Đại

    Boss Thuy and Coach Tran Tien Dai

    In the evening of August 21st, Sai Gon Xuan Thanh have confirmed their decision not a news circulated for intimidation with an official correspondence to VFF and organizers board. According to this, cement Xuan Thanh Sai Gon will not play in the last two rounds.

    At this moment, whether Sai Gon Xuan Thanh will leave or not, no one can understand this story more clearly than brothers Thuy. They also understand that, leaving V-League is the only way and unique right when they disagree with VFF, VPF…

    Dinh Vien

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