• Coach Hoang Anh Tuan ( V.Hai Phong) : We appreciate all competitors
    10:06 | 16/04/2013

    V.Hai Phong is in impressive form with three consecutive wins, thanks to the most important individual in team- Coach Hoang Anh Tuan. Mr Tuan said: “The team has attained good achievement which based on hard-working and unity from all members. Especially V.Hai Phong always appreciates any rivals”. 

    V.Hai Phong had faced many difficulties before this season; however V.Hai Phong is ranked No. 3 in the standing table. In your opinion what is the reason for this good transformation?

    Every club has their own difficulty and certainly, V.Hai Phong is not an exception. However, I always remind my men that we are earn from Football. Moreover, the whole team had work so hard for the current result and especially they obeyed to tactics from management boards in every match.

    There is a lot of players from K.Khanh Hoa in your starting lineup, Do you want to build “Khanh Hoa characteristic” up the Hai Phong team?

    I used players who are getting the best performance; I evaluate players in every workout. Therefore there is no rule to use who and not consider who. Any hard working players will be given chances to perform.

    Coach Hoang Anh Tuan

    Having defeated powerful enemies as B.Binh Ocean or present champion SHB. Da Nang, Hai Phong’s goal against Thanh Hoa Phong is a win, isn’t it?

    It’s certain that all teams want to gain the highest goal. It’s not true when say that we had defeat B.Binh Duong and SHB. Da Nang, we will defeat Thanh Hoa in the next round. V.Hai Phong always sets the highest determination before games and we also never underestimate opponents.

    2013 V – League is attracting special interest from Viet Nam football fans. According to you, why has this tournament got success so far?

    This is a certain good signal for organization board and also a good news for Vietnam football. It is very simple that when tournament’s quality increases, the audience will give more interest in it. This is exact what Vietnam fans need most.

    Minh Tu

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