• Công Phượng and the historic 20 minutes of Vietnam’s football
    16:23 | 06/08/2019

    The expectation of Vietnamese fans was finally satisfied as Công Phượng was given a chance to play in the match between Sint-Trudense and FC Brugge in round 2 of Belgian First Division A.

    It was fairly surprising that Sint-Truidense’s coaching board filled the name Công Phượng in the formation for round 2 of Belgian Division A. This was the second time the Nghệ An’s striker got the chance. More noticeable, the new Japanese player Yuma Suzuk, a competitor of Công Phượng on the forward line was not listed in the formation.

    This showed that Công Phượng left an impression in the eyes of coach Marc Brys of Sint-Truidense, whether it was weak or strong. It can be said that since joining the Belgian club, Công Phượng has quickly integrated with the lifestyle in Europe. So, the event that Công Phượng has been continuously listed in the formation for the Belgium’s leading division is worthy.

    Opponents of Sint-Truidense in round 2 were FC Brugge, the runner-up of the previous season and at that time stood on the 3rd position of the 2019-2020 ranking. In Champions League 2019, FC Brugge even used to get a draw with German leading team Borussia Dortmund.

    Công Phượng first appeared on the pitch in Belgian Division A

    Confronting a much stronger team away, Sint-Truidense had to difficultly prevent continuously attacks of the home team. Right in the first half, Brugge scored 3 goals by David Okereke, Hans Vanaken and Precy Tau.

    Until the score was 4-0 for Brugge, coach Marc Brys decided to send Công Phượng on. The coaching board of Sint-Truidense did not make this change to change the situation of the game as they had conceded 4 goals while the match remained just 20 minutes but to increase sudden mutation and seek for a honorary goal.

    Công Phượng played at the highest position in Sint-Truidense’ formation, excitement is revealed clearly on his face. Presenting on the pitch in 20 mitutes, Công Phượng moved continuously to gain ball possession and seek for spaces. Evenly, Công Phượng accepted to step backwards deeply to join the defence line. But facing a much more high-level team, Sint-Truidense could not have what they want. Brugge scored 2 more goals to finish the game 6-0.

    Công Phượng’s team defeated 6-0 by a too much stronger team

    This different defeat pointed out that Sint-Truidense’ level still had a big gap behind top teams of Belgian Division A. Công Phượng appeared on the pitch for 20 minute and witnessed 2 more goals that his home team conceded, but facing with pinnacle players is a luck to him. It is completely useful for himself and as tycoon Đức said, “the event that Công Phượng played in Europe is a historic rite of passage of Vietnam’s football. And we will recognize this is really valuable in 10 or 15 more years”.

    Or like what the coach of Công Phượng when he was young said, “Many people cannot completely understand the meaning of Công Phượng playing in Europe. He is like a man who seek for a master to learn all quintessences of European football and use them to bring Vietnam’s football benefit.

    Source – thethaohcm.vn

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