• DTLA sign defender Quang Thanh
    16:20 | 17/10/2013

    The Tan An team aims to strengthen them with former stars of Viet Nam football. After Tai Em and Viet Thang, the Bricks has just signed defender Quang Thanh In the afternoon of October 16th.

    Quang Thanh gia nhập ĐTLA

    Quang Thanh joins DTLA

    Having ending the 2013 season, Quang Thanh also ended the contract with the old club-B.Binh Duong. This former player of Viet Nam national team has played for Binh Duong for 9 years and he is considered as the great contributor of Binh Duong. However his consecutive captain ribbon couldn’t help him a new contract.

    The reason is that relationship between Quang Thanh and B.Binh Duong isn’t getting good in 2 recent years. After Quang Thanh showed his desire to play for Sai Gon Xuan Thanh but the case wasn’t successful in the last minutes. Moreover, his long lasting injury prevented him from playing well. That’s why when the season ends, B-Binh Duong sign Au Van Hoan quickly and Thanh must understand his position now.

    Nevertheless, by his fame, Thanh’s easy to take interests from the others, among them was DTLA. After a period of time for thinking and advising from Viet Thang who has just left Binh Duong for DTLA,  Thanh agrees to join DTLA. Viet Thang shares on his Facebook that he is very happy to reunion his teamate.

    The DTLA president, Vo Thanh Nhiem are also glad: ” We examine his enthusiastic play and experiences highly. He will be sure to help our defense stronger together with the youngsters.”

    3 Former stars Tai Em, Viet Thang and Quang Thanh will support for DTLA in 3 lines. DTLA also hopes to use 3 experienced players to lead youngsters. DTLA now only need foreigners before BTV Cup 2013 in Binh Duong. .

    Truc Phuong

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