• End of 2013 Asian Futsal Qualifying : Thai Son Nam excellently leads the group
    19:58 | 13/04/2013

    Following impressive win over Dural Warriors in the April 13th afternoon 13-4 Thai Son Nam futsal club entered their second game against familiar component Pelindo FC (Indonesia). Though Thai Son Nam needs only a draw or 4 goals against, they would won ticket through the semi final, Coach Sergio and players had played an excellent match against representative from Indonesia who have to win in every ways. 

    Kotaro Inaba ( 7 – Thai Son Nam ) helped TSN win tickets to the semi-finals

    Playing with the most powerful line up, Thai Son Nam futsal club was very confident when dominating the game and scoring early. Pelindo was effort to control ball and they caused much difficulties for Coach Sergio and players. Having faced with of fierce resistance Pelindo (Indonesia ), Thai Son Nam unexpectedly lost 1-0 because of Ohorella’s ( 4 – Pelindo )score in 5th minute.

    Losing advantage for being lead, Coach Sergio and players raised line-up highly which put pressure under Pelindo side. However, Thai Son Nam missed a lot of chances forward goal keeper Wicaksono ( Pelindo – Indonesia). At the end of the first half ,Pelindo temporarily led 1-0.

    Entering the second half, Pelindo who showed that theyr were unafraid to struggle and played pesing the whole side, because they wanted to protect score. Thai Son Nam’s efforts finally were rewarded with a goal in 35th minute. In a quick penalty, Kotaro Inaba ( 7 – Thai Son Nam ) passed for Bao Quan the he lead the ball through Wicaksono ‘s ( Pelindo – Indonesia ) net. Game became more exciting because only one minute later, in front of Ngo Dinh Thuan’s goal, striker Ahmad ( 11 – Pelindo ) shot out to give TSN 2 – 1 lead.

    Thai Son Nam players’ happiness for scoring

    When time passed to the end of game, Pelindo (Indonesia ) players seemed to back to protect the lead, in addition to they received more 4 yellow cards. In 38th minute, Pelindo’s Jailani was sent out because of second yellow card. Coach Sergio and players took advantage to score more. From a combined attack the striker Kotaro Inaba ( 7 – Thai Son Nam ) received ball and finished to set the final score 2-2 .

    After two matches Thai Son Nam futsal club gained 4 points leading the standing table; The runners-up respectively Dural Warriors ( Australia ) and Pelindo ( Indonesia ) with 3 points and 1 point .

    Tran Van Vu ( 11 – Thai Son Nam ) played excellently for top of group
    Pelindo players were upset
    Dural Warriors ( Australia ) were happy when Pelindo had been defeated.

    In the last match of Group A, GH Bank RBAC (Thailand) who is leading group A with 9 points won 4-1 over Nanling Tielang FC Shenzen (China). Shenzen Nanling Tielang FC (China ) followed with 6 points , Tainan City (Taiwan) and Pasargad FE ( Philippines ) are at the bottom of the group.

     Two matches in semifinal:

    •  Monday ( April 15th )

    At 15:30 pm: GH Bank RBAC ( Thailand ) – Dural Warriors ( Australia

    At 19:00 pm :Thai Son Nam – Nanling Tielang FC Shenzen (China )

    Minh Tu

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