• Ho Chi Minh City’s Football is possible to be abent from professional Leagues in the future
    16:49 | 25/10/2012

    HCM City football club has fell into the Second League and is facing a risk of disbandment. While Navibank Sai Gon and Sai Gon Xuan Thanh are having different troubles. The above signals made fans cannot avoid the worry that HCM City will be absent from professional leagues.

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    The event that HCM City football club is relegated is considered as an inevitability.  The club has been in financial trouble since before the league started, and this is may be the only business football that people do not know who is the leader. Usually, when a football club is facing with problems, the leader always stands in the front line to solve the problems. In contrast, CEO of the club – Mr.Nguyen Chi Kien often leaves no comment when mentioning to his club.

    After falling to the Second League at the end of last season, Mr.Nguyen Chi Kien claimed: “My biggest expectation is the remain 15 players of the club can find another better place. I cannot promise anything about the future of the club because I cannot solve this problem lonely”. Therefore, it is defenceless that HCM City football club is facing with disbandment.

    Navibank Sai Gon is maybe better, but there is a truth that Navibank SG is in debt of players’ salary for months and many other debt such as players’ accommodation, practicing places rent…

    The storm of financial and stocks crisis attacks Vietnam’s economy and makes many company dizzy. The parent company of Navibank Sai Gon is not an exception. It is the reason why Navibank Sai Gon football club is also in financial trouble.

    About Sai Gon Xuan Thanh, Manager Thuy has just stated that he will not give up football. Parallely, it is also said that Manager Thuy is putting the club on sale. Therefore, we cannot say anything about the future of HCM City’s football as earning money is becoming more difficult and there is no profit from football.


    Sai Gon Xuan Thanh and Navibank Sai Gon is facing with troubles.

    Professional clubs are in trouble, and HCM City Football Federation has declared they just focuses on movement football. So, it will not be very surprising that someday HCM City’s football will be absent from professional Leagues.

    Thien Phong

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