• Leaving League without permission will be fined.
    10:29 | 29/09/2013

    The professional football conference 2014 was taken place in the evening of september 28th by VPF, in which important decisions were agreed including the fine for leaving League without permission and stopping exchanging professional place. 


    The conference passed 11 problems given by VPF. Among them, Club does not join in League will be forced to play at third division and being fined 100 million VND. If the team gives up when taking part in the League, the fine will be 300 million VND, compensation for the whole fee of organizing ( eating, moving, salary for organizer, referee, …)

    Beside that, the change in number and professional places were also put forward and received agreement.

    At the same time, till the end of October 30th, V-League and first division participants have to summit full of share for VPF, fullfill the financial duty of members, competition fee,… and complete financial duty with the third role adding with certificate for financial capability ( V-League 35 billion, first division 20 billion) to finish requests to take part in.

    Teams have to own young players. V-League at least has 3 young teams, 1st division at least 2 young teams taking part in national tournament in 2014. If teams are not adequate to the demand, they will be fined.

    To keep the competition at international games. Two representatives for Viet Nam in AFC Cup 2014 can register 4 foreigners, at least 1 players are Asian. 4 players can play at national champions 2014. Meanwhile the orthers can register 3 foreigners for V-League, 2 for 1st division.

    In this conference, Organizers launch out the schedules of 2014 season which will be kick off in 11-1 -2014 and ending on August 31st. National cup will begin on February 15th and end on September 6th. The first divison starts on March 8th and close on August 9th.

    Truc Phuong

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