• Park Hang Seo’s new wage higher than Korea national team’s coach’s?
    13:45 | 30/06/2019

    It is still over half a year more that the contract between VFF and Park Hang Seo – Vietnam national team’s manager –  is expired, but at present, the contract extension issue is being discussed continuously and drastic.

    Coach Park Hang Seo will receive worthy behavior off renewing the contract with VFF

    Specifically, on June 26th, VFF had a the first preliminary meeting with Mr.Park’s representative Mr.Lee Dong Jun in order to discuss about the future of Mr.Park to Vietnam’s football. In the press release issued after the meeting, Mr.Lee Dong Jun confirms that this was the first official meeting between the 2 sides about the issue.
    Mr.Lee also confirms that the information related to Mr.Park’s wage and bonuses rumored in the extension contract to be issued was untrue and even “fabricated”

    “The meeting to negotiate about the contract between the 2 sides was first held on June 26th and just discussed about contract extension with coach Park Hang Seo. DJM (the company representing Mr.Park Hang Seo whose CEO is Mr.Lee Dong Jun – according to the writer)  kindly informs that priority of the negotiation is focusing on a consecutive development route map for Vietnam’s football in the coming time and has no too high demand on the contract value. In addition, all aspects involved in financial issues mentioned in the negotiation will not be revealed so as to ensure confidentiality for insiders”, cited from the press release of the representative.

    In the press release, Mr.Lee Dong Jun also announces to consider VFF’s financial status when negotiating the contract extension. This is a sign showing that Mr.Park’s representting company does not pay very high attention to financial issue during the working with VFF.

    However, according to findings of Thể Thao&Văn Hóa, the negotiation processed not conveniently like that because Mr.Park’s reprensentting company has required lots of rights, not all of which VFF can satisfy.

    Some rumors show that Mr.Park’s representting company has required an after tax salary of up to USD100.000 per month, equivalent to USD1.2 million per year, 5 times higher the the present salary Mr.Park. This is a fairly high salary in international scale.

    If this requirement is real and satisfied by VFF, the wage of Mr.Park is even higher than the one of Mr.Shin Tae Young – the present manager of South Korea national team.

    Last year, when Mr.Shin Tae Young led South Korea to defeat Germany in World Cup 2018, his salary was at USD520.000 per year, equivalent to just USD40.000 per month.

    For easy comparison, please kindly see wages of managers of national teams in World Cup 2018 less than USD1.2 million per year.

    The list includes a crowded number of coaches, consisting of the ones of two leading Asian teams Japan (coach Akira Nishino, USD1.07 million per year) and Korea (coach Shin Tae Young, USD520.000per year), and manager of teams whose country has a much higher developed economy than Vietnam such as Switzerland (coach Vladimir Petkovic, USD980.000 per year), Belgium (Roberto Martinez, USD1.07 million per year), Sweden (coach Janne Andersson, USD520.000 per year).

    The present wage of coach Park is even higher than the one in 2018 of coach Aliou Cisse of Senegal national team attending World Cup 2018 (USD230.000 per year).

    Of course, it is usually said the every comparison is limping, and after achievements that coach Park Hang Seo has brought for Vietnam’s football during nearly the last 2 years, he is worth receiving new contract with VFF with the salary at least a half higher than present. Vietnam are the present champions of Southeast Asia, and there is no reason Mr.Park is not among coaches with the highest salary in the area.

    But it does not mean that VFF will spend all of their budgets to pay Mr.Park’s salary.

    If VFF increases coach Park’s salary twice, from USD20.000 to USD40.000 per month, VFF will spend VND1.8 billion a month on his salary, adding wages of 5 Korean assistants in the coaching board, total spending of VFF on the Korean coaching staff is up to VND2 million per month, similar to VND20 billion a year, equivalent to one third of the bumper budget of VFF in 2018.

    However, USD40.000 per month is still far from the USD100.000 per month which is said to be proposed by Mr.Park’s representative in the meeting with VFF, so, the negotiation between VFF and coach Park’s representative will be still long ahead.

    Actually the meeting on June 26th was just the first negotiation for the 2 sides to understand more about each other, and VFF’s most senior leaders had not appeared in the meeting, thus, it can be said that VFF will have to spend more time and efforts to come to final agreement with Mr.Park’s representative on a new contract.

    Source – thethaovanhoa.vn

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