• Tycoon Tú brings V-League and National First League blockbuster sponsorship
    15:21 | 07/02/2020

    In the afternoon of February 2nd, the sponsorship signing ceremony for V-League and National First League 2020 between VPF and LS company was taken place in Hanoi.

    After the Nation Cup received a big sponsorship, V-League and National First League also got a worthy funding as the competitions are developing more and more. Accordingly, in 2020 season, LS Korea company will be the official sponsor for both of the two most precious leagues in Vietnam.

    Sponsorship signing ceremony between VPF and LS Corp

    In 2019 season, LS was the key sponsor of National First League. TLS is a leading company of Korea specialized in electrical equipment production. Before coordinating with professional football competitions, LS company and its strategic partners – Thái Sơn Nam and Thái Sơn Bắc companies – have been deploying sponsorship activities for youth leagues and especially Vietnam Women’s League during the previous years.

    At the ceremony, vice chairman of LS corporation – Mr.Ahn Won Hyung – stated: “The sponsorship agreement between LS and VPF will take valid in one year but we hope to have another negotiation with PF next season so as to contribute more to Vietnam football. Vietnam is a very important market of LS company, and we expect to promote our image here”.

    “LS targets to earn a revenue of USD1 billion in 2020 and we expect to approach closer to Vietnamese people through major football activities. Moreover, coach Park Hang Seo of Vietnam national team is in a prosperous time. But it still needs further contribution in order to maintain and get further development in the National League. LS hopes to contribute more and more to Vietnam national league”. He shared.

    Vice chairman of LS – Mr.Ahn Won Hyung

    “Getting more sponsorship contracts is a happiness and will make VPF’s financial source more solid. Actually, I can just say that earning from TV rights is still very low, and I hope that the story will be different in some more years”, shared Mr.Trần Anh Tú – VPF’s chairman

    Source – Thethaohcm.vn

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