• U-23 Viet Nam: Progressive attack opposite to unstable defence
    10:29 | 24/09/2013

    After the training course at Hungary, U-23 Viet Nam gradually defines main members for the official squad and the most important thing is that there is a noticeable progress in attack after each win. 

    Before this training trip to Europe, Coach Hoang Van Phuc said that he would use all players that aimed to choose the excellent members for U-23 Viet Nam. After 3 games against Testverieg SE, REAC Sportiskola and U-21 REAC Sportiskola, U-23 Viet Nam step by step defines its main members especially in the attack when center midfielder Minh Tuan, wide midfielder Manh Dung and especially the captain Van Quyet have received Hoang Van Phuc’s trust in set fire for the attack. For the striker position, two players Mac Hong Quan and Ha Minh Tuan, U-23 Viet Nam can be confident in a good attack.

    The formation 4-5-1 with 1 highest striker receiving support from creative and skillful midfielders is hoped to play effectively when Coach Hoang Van Phuc’s strikers scored through big 4-1  win over Testveriseg SE, especially, the stunned U21 REAC Sportiskola with 6-0.

    Mạc Hồng Quân(9) niềm hi vọng của hàng công U23 Việt Nam

    Mac Hong Quan (9), U-23 Viet Nam’s trust in attack

    While the attack plays strongly, U23 Viet Nam still lacks of  stability at defence. Most of defenders are not in stable form, which is illustrated by being hold by REAC Sportiskola though we had lead 2-0. Moreover, Coach Hoang Van Phuc is worried about the position of defensive midfielder Hoang Thinh who has got knee- injury. Thinh has experienced in V-League for 4 year, it is understandable that why he is the prior choice for back of U23 Viet Nam. His absence from squad left a big hole the back of Hoang Van Phuc’s formation.

    Hoàng Thịnh đang chạy đua với thời gian để hồi phục chấn thương

    Hoang Thinh is racing with time to recover injury

    10 days in Hungary brings U-23 Viet Nam a good result , however the normal teams in Europe are not equivalent opponents to examine Viet Nam’s capacity. Coach Hoang Van Phuc and his men hope for ” high dose reagent” that are U23 Santos and U23 Galatasaray on September 27th and 29th at Ho Chi Minh City.

    Both U23 Santos and U23 Galatasaray bring strong squads with many young talents in high decision. This is a chance for Viet Nam players to contact in reality with 2 different style of international football, U23 Santos’s sudden inspired attacks opposite to highly skillful tactics of U-23 Galatasaray, both are promised to bring Viet Nam much experiences in order to moment to SEA Games 27.

    Các cầu thủ trẻ của U23 Santos hứa hẹn sẽ là đối thủ đáng gờm đối với U23 Việt Nam

    U23 Santos promise to be the tough opponents for U23 Viet Nam

    The games between U23 Viet Nam and U23 Galatasaray, U23 Santos will respectively happen on september 27th and 29th at Thong Nhat stadium. The tickets will be started to sold from September 23rd, 2013. Football fans can contact with number 0908.506.828 ( Ms. Thanh) or buying directly at Thong Nhat stadium ( 30 Nguyen Kim street, Ward 6, distric 10, HCMC). There are 3 levels: 350.000 VND ( A1 stand), 300.000 VND ( A2 and A3 stand); 250.000 ( A4 and A5 stand); 150.000 VND ( B stand) and 50.000 ( C and D stand).

    Minh Tu

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