• U-23 Viet Nam vs U-23 Singapore preview: Lions without fangs anymore
    10:50 | 10/12/2013

    The pressure under U-23 Viet Nam has been released a little when U-23 Viet Nam dominated 7-0 over Brunei. Moreover, U-23 Singapore has gained only 1 point against U-23 Laos in their first match, that’s the reason why they are compared to lions without fangs anymore

    U23 Việt Nam tự tin trước trận gặp U-23 Singapore

    U-23 Viet Nam is confident to face U-23 Singapore

    After a draw, U-23 Singapore is said to be set goal for 3 points over Viet Nam. Therefore this confrontation is promised to be exciting and Coach Phuc’s men probably will face many difficulties.

    U-23 Viet Nam has been back to practise and temporarily forgeting 7-0 win. If Viet Nam gains 3  more points, door to the semi finals is widened for them. All footballers and managers understand this more clearly than any others.

    U-23 Viet Nam’s  weak-point needs to be recovered is defense. Tien Thanh- Manh Hung have to play closer. Right mid-fielder Quang Hung should consider his raisings when leaving gap in defensing.

    Besides that, U-23 Singapore probably will attack strongly after a few minutes for know each other. Coach Hoang Van Phuc maybe apply 4-2-3-1 formation. Footballers Thanh Hien, Van Thang, Huy Hung  manage their role well, and strikers Hong Quan, Ha Minh Tuan cooperate with Van Quyet, Vu Minh Tuan, Phi Son, Danh Ngọc, Hoang Thien, Manh Dung in attacking to realize chances into goals.

    Score forecast: Viet Nam win 2-1 over Singapore

    Dinh Vien

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