• V-League clubs fight against Covid-19 – Drastic and not subjective
    20:20 | 22/03/2020

    Due to influences from Covid-19 pandemic, V-League have had to pause at least until the end of March. During the time not playing, football clubs have their own interesting ways to fight against the disease.

    After the second round was finished, football clubs received an announcement on postponement of V-League 2020. VPF chairman Trần Anh Tú said that this is a necessary solution in the situation when complication of Covid-19 pandemic is growing. “Movement for playing is the highest risk that makes player infected. Therefore, the necessary this in this time is to postpone the league to prevent all risks”, VPF chairman Trần Anh Tú shared to the press.

    As the pandemic is happening unpredictably, the clubs have issued cautions to their players continuously. Coach Phan Thanh Hùng of Than Quảng Ninh shared: “After the league is paused, we thoroughly grasp our players necessary solutions such as wearing face mask, using antiseptic hand wash products usually, and especially restraining travelling around. Beside that, the players should also limit meeting with relatives, friends coming back from foreign countries. Everyone has high awareness, thus, during the last 2-3 days off, many players do not go back to their ho,e but staying at the team waiting for the gathering day in preparation for the third round.”

    Recently, AFC has issued an announcement to postpone all continental matches and competitions, including AFC Cup 2020. Two representing clubs of Vietnam in the competition, Than Quảng Ninh and HCMC FC, feel secure as they do not have to travel for playing. “We have recently worried about travelling abroad to play. Arriving at airports is always a high risk of infection. But now we feel safe with the announcement not to play in both March and April”, revealed coach Phan Thanh Hùng.

    Hanoi FC players checked body temperature before kick-off

    Since March 18th, most V-League teams have been back to training after a break. Some of the even have plans for friendly games. For example, on the occasion of the training in Gia Lai of the football club playing in Vietnam second league CAND, HAGL have accepted to train with this club so as to maintain stamina, ball sensation of their players. “Although  V-League is postponed, the players train normally. Training and playing right at the club help them avoid Covid-19 infection risk”, shared coach Lee Tae Hoon of HAGL.

    Many clubs not only have closed-doors training sessions but also actively instruct people to prevent and fight against the pandemic. Especially, Đình Trọng, Duy Mạnh, Văn Toàn, etc. Have enthusiastically respond to donations to support Covid-19 prevention and fighting. In which, Văn Toàn has mobilized approximately VND120 million.

    In all words, we can say that football insiders are responsible to the community, from precaution against the pandemic to their own donations and calls for people to fight against Covid-19.

    Source – Bongdaplus.vn

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