• Viet Nam defeated Palestin 4-1
    09:00 | 29/06/2013

    In the afternoon of June 28th, Viet Nam Men’s Futsal team had defeated Palestin 4-1 in their first match of group C which included Viet Nam, Libanon and Palestin. 

    Palestin players owned high qualified skills, higher level of fitness, however the game was completely in favor of Viet Nam.

    Though Viet Nam created many chances toward opponents’ net from the very beginning, no goal was scored because of their impatience. Moreover, Viet Nam was deep into attacking and forgetting defense, this caused Viet Nam embarrassing when opponents attacked. We soon took patience and scored 3 consecutive goals in 12th 15th by Van Vu ( 11) and 16th by Quynh Toan ( 15).

    Việt Nam giành chiến thắng đầu tiên

    Viet Nam won in the first game

    In 17th minute, Trong Luan ( 7) received a yellow card then leaving the game. Opponents took this weak-point to shorten to 1-3 in 19th minute this score was retained till the end of 1st half.

    Entering the second half, the game seemed to be for Viet Nam in spite of Palestin’s effort to press under our team. In contrast, though Viet Nam created many chances, players couldn’t score any more except the goal in 31st minute. 4-1 for Viet Nam was the final result. This is an unfavorable result because Lebanon had won Palestin 9-4 the previous day. Therefore, Viet Nam and Lebanon had same 3 points but Lebanon stood at No.1 because of goal differences. According to the rule, 7 winners of 7 groups and the runners-up who had the best result will win 8 tickets to the finals. Therefore, Viet Nam has to win over lebanon on June 30th so that Viet Nam can hold a ticket through quater finals.

    Tran Anh Tu (From Incheon – korea)

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