• Viet Nam men's Futsal team to draw Lebanon without goal
    23:57 | 30/06/2013

    Viet Nam women’s Futsal team had excellently drew Lebanon 0-0 in their second game belonged group C.

    Lebanon are higher qualified than Viet Nam, therefore Lebanon controlled the ball and put pressure under Viet Nam’s side to create many difficult situations toward Viet Nam. Within only 8 first minutes we got 7 faults in total, two penalty, luckily goalkeeper  Dinh Thuan managed to pass all.


    From 11th minute, the game become more equalized when Viet Nam players can follow the game. In 11th and 12th minute Xuan Du ( 14) missed two clear chances when crossed the post. In 14th minute Trong Thien (4) crossed the post again. In 15th Viet Nam made 9th mistake and 1 penalty. Goalkeeper Dinh Thuan continued to prevent opponents’ attack successfully. The score was maintained 0-0 till the end of 1st half.

    Entering the second half, Lebanon continued pressing Viet Nam but they had fail to come closer to Dinh Thuan’s net.  Viet Nam players got more and more vigilant when they cooperated skillfully. However Viet Nam couldn’t finish with any goal from a few dangerous situtation.  Till 19th minute, Lebanon’s 16 got a yellow card to leave the pitch, Viet Nam took this advantages to draw Lebanon 0-0. 

    This is considered as a successful game of Viet Nam. All players finished well as indicated position. Though Viet Nam is not high evaluated than opponents, we excellently managed to finish with a draw.

    However, Because of difference goals law, Viet Nam’s 4-1 is less than lebanon’s 11-1, Viet Nam had to stay at the 2nd position of group C. Lebanon won the first one and ticket to quater finals and  having been expected to faced with the best of group C ( it might be Thailand). Viet Nam had to wait for the results from others groups. If Viet Nam is the best runner we will have ticket to quater finals and face with the 1st position of group A ( it might be Kuwait or Korea). 

    Tran Anh Tu (From Incheon – Korea).

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