• Viet Thang sign on with DTLA
    16:57 | 15/10/2013

    DTLA has bought 1-year left contract of striker Viet Thang with B-Binh Duong. In the morning of October 14th, Thang and DTLA have signed a new contract so that he is official owned by DTLA. 

    Việt Thắng (8) chính thức về ĐTLA

    Viet Thang ( 8) official belongs to DTLA

    Viet Thang was taken to B-Binh Duong with a 8 billion VND contract however he isn’t used much. That’s the reason why DTLA has negotiated to borrow him in 2013 season. Coming back the old club, Viet Thang seems to be free in the Bricks’ squad. Especially with his experiences, this former player is voted to captain he will the leader in spirit and skills of young players.

    In the end of 2013 season, DTLA still wants to keep Viet Thang. DTLA’s president Vo Thanh Nhiem said: ” Viet Thang play so well this year and we want to continue play with him. However he still has 1 year left contract with B-Binh Duong. Thus we had to wait till BTV Cup ends because B-Binh Duong want to have experiences in this tournament for the final decision whether keep Thang or not after this. Then, we will offer B-Binh Duong for an acceptable price.”

    However, It was surprsing when on October 14th DTLA has ended an agreement to buy Thang’s contract. According to this Viet Thang official belongs to DTLA. The fee hasn’t revealed but it is supposed to be approximate 1 billion.

    This contract is beneficial to both Viet Thang and DTLA. It’s is difficult for Thang to compete in Binh Duong when he is getting older. While after a successful season at DTLA, this is a suitable environment for him to develop. DTLA also want him to cooperate with Tai Em and be a spirit and skills supporters for youngsters.

    Viet Thang is very happy to continue play with DTLA. He shared on Facebook: ” I have officially been back to the place I belongs. It’s really fantastic. ”

    Truc Phuong

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