• Vietnam futsal once again dreams a shock at World Cup
    16:02 | 29/03/2019

    Vietnam national futsal team have had a very careful preparation with the aim to exceed the miracle which they attained 4 years ago at the world scale.

    Mr.Trần Anh Tú

    In the afternoon of March 27th in Ho Chi Minh City, a ceremony announcing 2 high-quality futsal tournaments at the same time, including HDBank National Futsal League 2019 and HDBank National Futsal Championship 2019 with the participation of 12 clubs and total rewards of up to VND1.2 billion.

    Being one of the pioneers who created the foundation for professional futsal development in Vietnam, Mr.Trần Anh Tú showed his great happiness with the growth of national futsal competition system.

    “This year, both value of rewards and the number of teams increase, providing more choices of players for national team, assisting to improve quality of the team for the next important goals”, said Mr.Tran Anh Tu, Head of the Futsal Commission of Vietnam.

    In 2016, Vietnam’s futsal team made an impressive miracle as they defeated Japan to be qualified for the World Cup. At the world’s largest competition, Vietnam’s futsal team continued to cause a “storm” by entering the 1/8 round even though they were in the same group with Guatemala, Italy and Paraguay.

    Tycoon Tú revealed that Vietnam’s futsal team have had a very careful preparation so as to not only competing for a ticket to the World Cup next year but also exceeding their previous achievement, he even though dreams a World Cup final in the future.

    “Right from late last year, we planned a preparation for 2019 – the year we will attend qualification to seek for a ticket to Asian final round.

    Asia final round 2020 is an important competition which may offers us a ticket to the World Cup. Right after lunar new year, we had a training trip in Spain in order to find back the sensation of playing with high-level teams.

    Before the Asian qualification, we also had a training course in Japan. If we are qualified for the Asian final round, we will plan another training trip so as to have a good preparation to gain a ticket to the World Cup”, the famous tycoon of Vietnam’s futsal shared.

    The National Futsal League 2019 consists of 2 stages. Stage 1 (qualification) will take place from the 2nd to 10th of April in Khánh Hòa with 6 teams joining in a one-legged round tie, 4 team with the highest points will be taken to the stage 2.

    The stage 2 includes 10 teams with Vietnam’s most excellent ones such as Thái Sơn Nam, Sanvinest Sanatech Khánh Hòa, Tân Hiệp Hưng, etc. They will join in two-legged round tie to determine the final ranking. The first leg will take place from Apri 15th to June 5th in Khánh Hòa, and the second leg will happen from August 29th to September 19 in Hồ Chí Minh City.

    Especially, the champions will not only receive a record reward of VND500 million but also represent Vietnam to attend AFC Futsal Club Championship, the runner up will be qualified for Southeast Asian Futsal Club Championship.

    Meanwhile, the National Futsal Championship 2019 will be organized from November 18th-30th in Nghệ An with VND200 reward for the champions. Besides, in order to develop futsal movement, the organization board will also form a competition for students from universities, colleges in Khánh Hòa and Hồ Chí Minh City.

    Source – 24h.com.vn

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