• Vietnam's Futsal face with Thailand's Futsal: Wait for Miracles
    10:27 | 20/12/2013

    Both Men and women Futsal team have accomplished goals to play in the final games. Though Thailand still holds the first position of Futsal in South East Asia, Viet Nam can hope for miracles to overthrow. 

    Phan Thành Đạt chơi xuất sắc sẽ giúp đội nhà vượt qua Thái Lan

    Phan Thanh Dat who has played well recently whether could help Viet Nam to trounce Thailand or not

    The fact that, the final games between Viet Nam and Thailand were predicted and there was no surprises. Because among teams in area, Thailand is leading, then Vietnam is holding the runner position. However, VietNam’s futsal is trying to shorten gap between them and Thailand.

    In a pre- SEA Games tournament, South East Asia futsal championships, Viet Nam women’s futsal team has lost 2-6 against Thailand, however they excellently trounce Thailand 4-3 to crown champions. Therefore, in SEA Games 27 though Thailand has beaten Vietnam 1-6 in qualifying, Viet Nam still has chances in this expected exciting game.

    Việt Nam ( trắng) -Thái Lan chờ đợi bất ngờ

    Viet Nam ( white) – Thailand

    Meanwhile Vietnam Men’s futsal team also lost 0-4 against Thailand in qualifying. However, the Ho Chi Minh international Futsal tournament is a good preparation for Vietnam. Our 3-2 victory against Brazil made vietnam confident to face Thailand. Vietnam now causes Thailand to be considering when facing us. That’s the reason why Vietnam are decisive for a win over Thailand. 


    December 20th:

    Women’s futsal final game: 13h: Viet Nam – ThaiLand

    Men’s Futsal final game: 16h: Viet Nam – Thailand

    Le Ngoc (from Myanmar)

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