• 2013 AFC Cup group state: Vietnam’s representatives flatly failed.
    21:05 | 11/04/2013

    Two Vietnam’s representatives for 2013 AFC Cup- SHB. Da Nang and Sai Gon Xuan Thanh have failed in 2013 AFC Cup round 4. In group H, XT Sai Gon suffered a crushing defeat against host Selangor while in Group G, though Da Nang were very determined to a home win at Chi Lang stadium, their attackers showed ineffectiveness, defensive revealed weaknesses, visitors Kelantan as a result easily to get 3 points leaving Da Nang. Coach Huynh Duc and players blamed only themselves.

    Sai Gon Xuan Thanh has enigmatic defeat

    Coach Tran Tien Dai arranged the strongest line-up and the whole team was determined for an away win on Selangor’s stadium, therefore Tan Truong , Dinh Luat , Tai Em , Nguyen Rogerio …were on side from the beginning. However, after 1-2 away thrashing in round 2 on Thong Nhat stadium, Malaysia’s representative understand well about visitors XT Sai Gon’s power. The well tactical preparation as well as determination, host Selangor hopefully secure 3 points, this was concretized by Kulaba‘s opening in 9th minute.

    Despite having been lead early, XT-Saigon could not implemented their desired play, Selangor moved closely and followed Sai Gon players side by side in most of time. Selangor still hold their dominating in the second half when they created many dangerous situations toward goal keeper Tan Truong’s area. As a result matter, in 64th minute Foe scored 2-0 for host. To play at home and dominate visitors, Selangor quickly had the third goals from Yahyah in 73 minutes. Coach Tran Tien Dai and players’ efforts for an honourable goal-less was rewarded in 80th minute, Moses easily lead ball through net after a pass from teammate. After 1-3 defeat against Selangor, XT-Sai Gon stood still at 2nd spot on standing table.


    In the remained match of Group G, SHB. Da Nang was very hungry for revenge for its0-5 thrashing against Kelantan in the first leg. Merlo, Danny, Nguyen Sa, Quoc Anh, Minh Phuong, Hoang Quang appeared in the starting lineup, this confirmed the Orange’s highly determination. SHB. Da Nang applied preemption play with many shoots from Quoc Anh, Minh Phuong and Danny without plumbing opponent. However, the first half ended with no any goal. Accepting to defend and wait for opportunity, Kelantan had many counter-attack situations that caused audience stunt.

    The game was still for champion SHB. Da Nang, nevertheless when the second half passed through more than a half, Merlo, Nguyen Sa, Quoc Anh couldn’t lead ball through the strong defense. Finally, SHB. Danang had to pay for the only goal of the game from Nwakaeme in 74th minute. Looking Kelantan left “Chi Lang” with 3 points, Coach Huynh Duc and players only criticized themselves because they had wasted many opportunities. However, samely asXT-Saigon, Though Da Nang failed this game; they stand still at second spot of Group G. Doors to the next stage for Viet Nam‘s representative aren’t closed.

    Dinh Vien

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