• 2013 V-league results: Round 4- Frustrated B.Binh Ocean, Ninh Binh’s rain of goal.
    12:39 | 07/04/2013

    The first two matches in 4th round of 2013 V – League, advantages resulted to the visitors. On Go Dau stadium, Coach Yoon Hwan continued frustrating fans after having been defeated 0-2 by visitors V.Hai Phong. On Ninh Binh stadium, both the host Ninh Binh and visitors Thanh Hoa created a rain of goal with 6 ones equally to both. 

    B.Binh Duong’s sadness

    The host B.Binh Duong played with the strongest team including 5 foreign players in which Two Viet Nam naturalized players were Nguyen Huynh and Helio Kesly. Korean Coach wanted to cut off his string defeats, therefore 3 three keys were set upward attack Kesly, Anh Duc, Philani that is expected to get the first win since the beginging of this season . Across the line coach Hoang Anh Tuan also showed his desire when Quang Hai , Antonio and Fortunato were set to play highly. Though they were higher appreciated ,the former V – League Champion desired B.Binh Duong could not impose on V.Hai Phong, vice versa if Antonio , Quang Hai , Van Tan finished accurately V.Hai Phong should have had a their open in the first 45 minutes . In 17th minute, receiving ball from Justise, Anitinio crossed the ball to Quang Hai who kicked a ball over the bar though no player enclosed.

    With strong play Quang Hai ( left ) helped the host win B.Binh Duong

    Immediately B.Binh Duong responded that when Anh Duc determinate to break from the left, unfortunately his close shot went inaccurately. Did not like a draw, coach Choi decided to pull out the Cong Huy and place Minh Duc to co-play with Chi Cong midfield, push up Helio highly.This was one of reasons for B. Binh Duong’s defeat by V.Hai Phong. The strength of Hai Phong wasn’t predicted therefore when Minh Duc played alongside Chi Cong B.Binh Duong reveal its fragile defense against world-class players such as Fortunato , Quang Hai and Antonio. Against a faint team which lacked of determination, accuracy in each shoot, it’s not difficult for Antonio and Fortunato of V.Hai Phong in turn defeated goalkeeper Dinh Duc.

    Coach Cho Yoon Hwan seemed not understanding B.Binh Duong well, To plug “super waiting player ” as Nguyen Helio was a big success , moreover Huynh Kesly lacked of fire, Anneikan walked to play football. While two most aggressive foreign players Phinali and Sunday weren’t set appropriate position. B. Duong had had 5 failures (League Cup) since the beginning of the season; this was the biggest disappointment in history of Binh Duong football since started professional competitions.

    Thanh Hoa’s disappointment of being drew in the last minutes

    Meanwhile on Ninh Binh stadium, there was a spectacular chase in between V.Ninh Binh and Thanh Hoa. Confidence has returned to Coach Van Sy and players when they played in home which their confident entering and exploding. That’s the reason why V.Ninh Binh didn’t meet many dificuties to score two from Moussa and naturalized Van Ta when the first half hadn’t passed for 10 minutes. However, at least Thanh Hoa is witnessed to grow up and not easy to bully this season that was proved by 3rd position on standing table.

    Being awakened after two consecutive goals, Thanh Hoa regained the ball and organized beautiful attack, in 27th minute, Abas finished easily reducing the score to 1-2 to Thanh Hoa. Van Thang who has just been back from suspension could also leave his mark by a beautiful shoot in 35th minute equalizing 2-2 for Thanh Hoa. From then on, there were many drastic situations on field in both halves. Quoc Phuong received his second yellow card to leave the field. However, wisdom, and being awaken to take advantages, Patiyo helped visitors lead 3-2 after 84th minute. Victory seemed to be firm in hands of Coach Duc Chung and players, nevertheless, in the injury time awareded at the end of second half Moussa draw 3-3.

    Dinh Vien

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