• Coach Nhan Thien Nhan (HV-An Giang): "We are just lacking of luckiness and we will comeback soon"
    10:20 | 20/02/2014

    After 4 games, HV-An Giang stands at the bottom of table with only 1 point and therefore they are facing with crisis. However, the captain of this western football team are still optimistic. 

    Ngoại binh HV An Giang chơi chưa tốt

    HV An Giang’s foreign players didn’t show off well

    HV-An Giang has spent unsuccessful chain of games, and what’s the reason for this sir?

    Actually, we are lacking of luckiness. We played well in recent games, for an example, facing with Thanh Hoa who are leading the table in contrary to us, however we played an excellent game when controlling most of time. Unfortunately, we weren’t successful in realizing chances into goals.

    HV An Giang

    HV An Giang

    So, The reasons come from strikers? 

    Exactly. Felix still can’t take back his form while Dosso plays faintly. Our current playing style depends much on couple of strikers.

    How about the others. Do you think your domestic players are young and less experienced than the others’ ones? 

    I do not worry about that. My men are also played in V-League. The most important thing is that the whole team is nearly new, therefore players need time to get familiar one another. To one club has players cooperated in many years it doesn’t matter. However, B-Binh Duong who are also facing same difficulties with us when changing most of team.

    How about the future of HV-An Giang whether you will fall in crisis or not?

    As what I said, we are decisive to perform well. The point is our scoring ability and luckiness. After having failed Thanh Hoa this week, I encourage my players that they had decision which should be stimulated in other matches. With one win our situation will be better, therefore, we will come back soon.

    Thank you for this interview.

    Truc Phuong

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