• AFC Cup will be a “mortification” of Công Phượng and HCMC FC
    20:06 | 24/08/2020

    Not only HCMC FC and Than Quảng Ninh but also other football clubs expect to a delay of AFC Cup in Vietnam.


    Than Quảng Ninh and HCMC FC have received an announcement from AFC on playing the last games of the AFC Cup 2019 group stage on their home pitch. Specifically, the 3 remaining games of group F and group G would take place at Cẩm Phả and Thống Nhất stadiums as the pandemic at that time in Vietnam was under control, making conditions to organize international matches.

    However, the sudden spread of the pandemic in the community over the previous time created a big question about the possibility of that plan. There have been even rumors that AFC is considering canceling the competitions for clubs, including AFC Cup. Earlier, youth competitions and World Cup 2022 qualifications were decided to postpone until 2021.

    At the beginning of the year, the information about delaying the championship brought positive signs. But at present, as both Than Quảng Ninh and HCMC FC are being “stuck” in a hard situation, playing 3 AFC games in a few days before V-League restarts is not easy.

    If the AFC Cup 2020 takes place from September 23-29 as planned, HCMC FC and Than Quảng Ninh have to play 3 games within about 7 days. Around 5 days later, they have to compete in round 12 of V-League. Particularly to HCMC FC, if they pass through the quarter-finals of the National Cup (in case the pandemic is under control in early September), they will have to compete in the semi-finals 5 days before starting the last games of AFC Cup’s group stage. This fixture can make Công Phượng and his teammate quickly fall into physical exhaustion.

    But not as far as to predict, traveling and quarantine in different countries at this time are also making difficulties. Vietnam at present almost allows flights to bring its citizens back to the country but does not allow commercial flights. When arriving in Vietnam, football teams have to obey a 14-day quarantine, and sport activities with international elements will be not easily accepted by localities.

    So looking at the organization plan of C-League which has just been announced by VPF, not only HCMC FC and Than Quảng Ninh but also many other clubs also expect AFC Cup to be…delayed. without AFC Cup, V-League will be finished latest on November 22nd, and the teams will have over 2 months to prepare for new season 2021. But if AFC Cup takes place as planned, the time to prepare for the new season remains just less than 45 days. And of course, many clubs want to have more time instead of being passive in one more V-League season.

    Source – Thethaohcm.vn

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