• Công Phượng: The mind is thorough, the spirit is high, so just “fire” more
    16:42 | 23/06/2020

    Công Phượng has scored in V-League in HCMC FC kit, and his sentimental life is in sublimation, so just… “fire” more, the Nghệ An boy!

    Công Phượng has made very hard efforts… – Photo by Vietnamnet

    At the 61st minute in the game against Viettel at Thống Nhất stadium, after a great dribbling effort and a decisive shot, Công Phượng defeated his countryman goalkeeper Nguyên Mạnh to mark his first goal in V-League in HCMC FC kit.

    This goal is much meaningful to the striker born in Nghệ An because besides relieving the pressure on him after a few games not able to score and being faded, it also marks a new hopeful beginning of Công Phượng.

    Although having a goal at AFC Cup for HCMC FC after coming back from Belgium, the forward growing up from HAGL’s training center had not netted in V-League after a period playing abroad in South Korea and Belgium. Thus, this goal is really important to the striker of the Vietnam national team.

    The celebration of Công Phượng after scoring is enough to reveal all of this.

    Not long after his engagement party, together with his first goal which relieves the pressure on him in V-League, Công Phượng has also received a gift from tycoon Đức as the boss of HAGL has agreed to let the forward stay at HCMC FC until the end of the season.

    Actually, this is not a very new disclosure because before V-League was paused for Covid-19 pandemic, tycoon Đức used to say that HCMC can borrow his beloved striker until the end of 2020 season.

    However, fairly bad happenings to HAGL after the restart of Vietnam football has made tycoon Đức confused, he even intended to call Công Phượng back to the mountainous football club right after the first stage is finished.

    But finally, tycoon Đức once again pleases Công Phượng by letting the forward continue to stay at HCMC FC with the hope to assist coach Chung Hae-seong’s team fly high in V-League 2020.

    The new beginning, or more exactly the goal which is said to be fairly late of Công Phượng together with a big present from tycoon Đức are bringing a hope that the striker born in Nghệ An will satisfy the expectation of Vietnam football fans.

    …to score, tycoon Đức has decided Công Phượng’s furture at the same time, making fans believe he will fly high in this season – Photo by Vietnamnet

    This expectation clearly has its basis because everyone knows that Công Phượng normally plays well and gains the highest performance with a comfortable mind. And now, it is clear that nothing can make the striker of the Vietnam national team confused, as a result, the expectation is not faraway.

    However, this does not mean that the way ahead Công Phượng is straight and plain. It is even rather difficult as the playing style of the striker growing up at HAGL’s training center is fairly familiar to defenders in V-League.

    This is the problem that the Nghệ An striker needs to improve further so as to make V-League defenders afraid or more difficult in handling with him and to create super goals. If not being able to solve the problem, Công Phượng has to wait for chaos or performance declination from the opponent’s defending, like in the match against Viettel, in order to score.

    Can a good beginning make a good ending, Công Phượng?

    Source – Bongda.com.vn

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