• 2013 HCM Futsal Open for strong team – 7th LS Cup: Thai Son Nam confronts Thai Son Bac in the final
    08:31 | 02/04/2013

    In the last round of championship, contrary to Thai Son Bac who had
    convincingly defeated Tan Hiep Hung and gone straight to final round, Thai
    Son Nam had hardly struggled against Hoang Thu Da Nang and their victory
    had finally come after a chancy 6m penalty.

    Thai Son Bac won for the final

    With the most all-time win after three games in the first round, Thai Son Nam partly lacked of vigilance against Hoang Thu Da Nang in semifinal. After first 10 minutes in impasses, Van Vu’s score in 15th minute gave Thai Son Nam the lead. However, right one minute later Ngoc Thien scored equalizing 1-1 for Hoang Thu Da Nang.

    Entering the second half, Thai Son Nam continued holding the initiative by many dangerous situations toward Hoang Thu Da Nang. However, strong defense not only prevented Thai Son Nam’s score but also caused them suffers from sharp counter-attack. In 26th minute Van Trang‘s sudden goal brought representative of Futsal Da Nang 2-1 lead against Thai Son Nam. Right 1 minute later, Nakado Inaba provide accurate assist for Quynh Toan’s equalizing 2-2 goal for Thai Son Nam. Even though both created many dangerous situations toward opposite goal, there were no more goals. Finally Hoang Thu Da Nang had to stop after the chancy 6m penalty with 2-3 defeat.

    Thai Son Nam is going to confront with Thai Son Bac in final

    In remained semifinal Tan Hiep Hung vs Thai Son Bac, Thai Son Bac’s superiority of class gave them three goals lead against Tan Hiep Hung by the first 15th minute. Hai Au, Quoc Nam, Phuong Du in turn scored for Thai Son Bac.Though Hoang Phu was effort to shorten 1-3 for Tan Hiep Hung, few minutes later the gap was

    widened 4-1 from Phuong Du’s score. Entering the second half, Tan Hiep Hung played higher for searching goals,their efforts are rewarded with a shorten goal to 2-4 from Duy Phuong’s score. That was all what Tan Hiep Hung could do against Thai Son Bac.

    Thus, after nearly one week, the championship had taken placed excitingly; last couple for final had been defined. It would be the confrontation between too familiar components Thai Son Nam and Thai Son Bac. The runners up would be Tan Hiep Hung vs Hoang Thu Da Nang Royal.

    Dinh Vien

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