• 3rd day of 2013 HCM Futsal Open for strong team – 7th LS Cup: Thai Son Nam-dist.8’s straight win to semifinal.
    07:51 | 31/03/2013

    After three days of exciting games taken place at Phu Tho and Thai Son Nam gymnasiums, there were 4 calls for semifinal: Thai Son Nam Dist.8, Thai Son Bac, Tan Hiep Hung and Hoang Thu Da Nang,among them only Thai Son Nam Dist.8 in particular had won 3 consecutive wins. 

    In the third competition day of group A: Hoang Thu Da Nang had to gain 3 points against Thai Son Nam for a ticker to semifinal. This’s the reason for Da Nang representative competed with all their best against Thai Son Bac. The match was in a deadlock within over first 10 minutes, however Ton That Huy and Tuan Vu scored 2 consecutive goals in 15th and 16th minute two goals which helped Hoang Thu Da Nang be ahead 2-0. Receiving two sudden goals against, Thai Son Bac also asserted their power when equalizing 2-2 in the first 20 minutes of the first half. Van Phuc shortened the score to 1-2 and Van Quang made an equalizing 2-2 in the last minute of first half.

    Tan Hiep Hung will compete to Thai Son Bac in semifinals

    Entering the second half, both Hoang Thu Da Nang and Thai Son Bac had created many dangerous situations toward the opponent’s side.However, only the more

    determined team, Hoang Thu Da Nang scored more1goal. With 3-2 win over Thai Son Bac, Hoang Thu Da Nang and Thai Son Bac were hand in hand to the semifinal.In remained game of Group A, An Phuoc hospital Binh Thuan continued to receive third defeat confronting with Tan Hiep Hung.

    Ending the 1st half with a 1-1 draw from an open of Huy Tan in 10th minute and equalized one from Thai Huy. Nevertheless, Tan Hiep Hung had been successful to show a southern team’s power by three consecutive goals come from Khac Hau, Hoang Phu, Hong Tai. Cong Khanh attempted successfully to score a 2-4 shorten goal for An Phuoc hospital- Binh Thuan.

    Group B: Metasol and Sana Khanh Hoa were witnessed an impressive score chasing. Both had determination of a win for semifinal. This is a highlight for later for a feast of goals from two sides watched by audience at Phu Tho gymnasiums. However, by the end of the match both weren’t able to define winner, in spite of eight goals shared for two teams. For this 4-4 draw after two official rounds, both had to say goodbye to the tournament.

    Thus, Two pairs games of semifinals will be taken placed on April 1st, which will live report by HTV from Phu Tho gymnasium: Thai Son Bac- Tan Hiep Hung; Thai Son Nam- Hoang Thu Da Nang.

    Dinh Vien

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