• Coach Chung Hae-seong is proving that tycoon Đức is wrong
    20:24 | 29/07/2019

    The way HCMC FC are playing is showing that the declaration of tycoon Đức about 5 beat 1 story may get an error.

    What is 5 beat 1?

    There is still so much to say about 5 beat 1 story until now like tycoon Đức used to claim to the media. During the development of Vietnam’s football, there have been always hidden unions besides rumors about the influence of tycoon Hiển to 5 teams of V-League. There were examinations, inspections at these teams but of course there was no…violation.

    There may be no rude concessions between these 5 teams when they face to face directly like what happened in the past, but the insiders all understand that there are always ways to together make a team feel “tired.”

    HCMC FC is coached by a manager who may have no relationship to get concession, but their chairman is former national team manager Nguyễn Hữu Thắng – an influential person of Vietnam’s football. Although HCMC FC cannot receive external assistance, they are wise enough to recognize possible dangers and give out better solutions on their way to be the champions.

    Mr.Chung is proving tycoon Đức’s saying is wrong

    HCMC FC’s story is similar to Thanh Hóa’s 2 seasons ago when the later tried to earn every point from clubs considered to belong to tycoon Hiển. In 2017, Thanh Hóa got a bitter defeat when they have the same points but their sub indices are worse than Quảng Nam’s. Thanh Hóa were continuously stopped in matches which happened in the ways that Thanh Hóa’s fans could not imagine.

    However, excepting external elements, Thanh Hóa should blamed themselves first because they did miss lots of opportunities to score. Therefore, HCMC now also have to solve their own problem by defeating all of the teams they confront before waiting for their opponents to make mistakes.

    On the positive side, HCMC FC players have shown a good spirit and will in the match with Hanoi FC despite Đỗ Văn Thuận received a red card at the 51st minute and then conceded two continuous goals after scoring first.

    Partly, as HCMC FC survives Thống Nhất stadium after several years in silence, they have the vantage of circumstances. So now, vantage of human is the prerequisite element that helps bring them success, the thing that they have over the previous games.

    Source – thethaohcm.vn

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