• Công Phượng expected to shine on V-League return
    15:23 | 06/03/2020

    After scoring in 3 continuous games, Công Phượng is expected to shine on V-League return day to bring HCMC FC 3 points in the away match in Quảng Nam on March 6th.


    HCMC FC will have an away match at Tam Kỳ stadium against Quảng Nam in the opening game of V-League 2020. The target of coach Chung Hae Seong is not anything but 3 points.

    HCMC have a very much better preparation than the opponents. The whole team have been preheated with AFC Cup matches, and the most recent is the National Super Cup 2020 game.

    Công Phượng is expected to shine in the game

    Công Phượng is considered as the main attention in the upcoming match between Quảng Nam and HCMC FC after a long time leaving V-League. The forward born in Nghệ An scored in 3 continuous games, including the 2-2 draw with Yangon United, the 3-2 win over Hougang United and the 1-2 loss against Hanoi FC.

    All 3 goals of Công Phượng are done under different ways. This shows the diverse striking skills of the 25-year-old forward.

    The great performance of Công Phượng mainly comes from captain Trần Phi Sơn’s impression. With his performance, Phi Sơn is voted as one of five best players of AFC Cup 2019. The harmony of the countrymen duo is a non-skippable highlight in the playing style of the hosts of Thống Nhất stadium. Both of them are expected to shine again in the away match of HCMC in Quảng Nam.

    Phi Sơn is the detonator that helps Công Phượng shine

    However, stamina of players is a worry of coach Chung Hae Seong. This is one of the main reasons leading to their National Super Cup 2020 defeat. “In the match with Hanoi FC, my players’ fitness seemed to yet recover after AFC Cup. In the first half, we played well, but our stamina went down in the second half. This is a problem that I must consider so as to have the best strategies for the opening game of V-League 2020”, coach Chung Hae Seong revealed after the match.

    To Quảng Nam, they have let a range of key players go away, in which the most noticeable case is Hoàng Vũ Samson – the key striker who helped them avoid relegation and rise to the 9th standing in the previou season. Replacement for the Nigeria-originated experienced player is Trịnh Duy Long, a newcomer from Phố Hiến FC. This player used to be the top scorer of National First League 2015.

    Comparing present force and performance, it is hard for Quảng Nam to be equal to HCMC FC. Besides, Tam Kỳ stadium is also banned from audiences due to Covid-19. This will be a non-little disadvantage for the hosts. Gaining 1 point from the runners-up of V-League 2019 HCMC FC may be considered as a success of Quảng Nam in the upcoming match.

    Source – Thethaohcm.vn

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